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ROME-“Putin Is Hitler” Even Though Neo-Nazi’s In Ukraine Are The Ones Putin Will Have To Fight

Some European people (no, not all) say that they are mad at rich Jews who are ‘banksters’, even though we all know that banks are corporations owned by many people, companies, conglomerates.  These same people insist that they are not angry with the Jewish people that are just ‘little Jews’ in Europe… Sure.  If that is true, why the beatings and Jew hatred against little Jews across EU and even Italy?

SO, let’s take a look…Romans, at your EU:  Currently in France, a Jew was beaten on the train, just today: French Jew Beaten On Paris Metro Train.  In Italy: Social justice protest in Italy takes an anti-Semitic turn.   In Sweden, they put Jews through a bunch of crap: Uncovering Anti-Semitism in Malmö, Sweden.  Sweden has become an Islamic hell hole, not a JEWISH settlement.  Keep pissing on the Jews because of the Muslims in Malmo.  Jew hate in Norway:  Will Norway’s New Government Crack Down on Anti-Semitism. 

Jew hate in Netherlands: Growing antisemitism and anti-jewish hatred in the Netherlands. The Jews are dumped on in Belgium: Anti-Semitism in Belgium reaches new heights.  ETC, etc, etc.

Does anyone notice a pattern here?  Its not Mark Zuckerberg (billionaire Jew) that everyone hates that’s getting beaten. It’s Jews who just go about their day, bothering nobody as they are being beaten just for being Jews.  Much how whites can be beaten up by blacks on USA just for walking white white..   So, spare me your damned arguments on how you only hate the ‘political’ Zionists or the rich Bolsheviks.  Facts are:  You’re just a Jew hater.  That’s all.

Europe is a HUGE hypocrite! A Bunch of nasty Muslims occupy Europe and they do hate Jews and are excellent propagandists.

Shut up, ROMAN idiots!  The Svoboda party has seats now in the Ukraine, they HATE Jews and this is who Putin will have to go fight, plus some European & US infiltrators, students, radicals etc.


Leader of the Svoboda Party, Oleh Tyahnybok, who he has claimed a “Moscow-Jewish mafia” rule Ukraine and that “Germans, Kikes and other scum” want to “take away our Ukrainian state.”

EUSSR and USSA just can’t see that they are finished, time to move over because China/Russia are the new super powers.  NO, I don’t like it but apathy from ‘patriots’ is what created our situation.

Reminds me of a scene in Gladiator: