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Obama-Voting Idiots Dumping On Elderly Kim Novak At The Oscars (Hollywood Puke Show)

Just so you know…I entertained Kim Novak at the Forest Theater in Carmel, while playing Annie Oakley in “AGYG” in California in 1988.  She LOVED my show and came back to specifically compliment me for a half an hour.

The modern Oscars are a freak show of egotistical, panty-waist, bad actors and losers who have no life so they act out the part of fictitious characters who have no life also.

Naturally, they will have the epic mindless morons of the 21st century following their idiotic drivel.  Hollywood, now, is just violence and sex.  It is not respected, liked or thought of as anything but a machine of Marxist propaganda.

See the Tweets of the young and the useless: Here..  The youth have NO clue what it is to get older.  It SUCKS.  They do not teach you how to get older in American indoctrination classes they call ‘school.’

Kim Novak was a BEAUTIFUL young woman, who was a GORGEOUS middle aged babe.  I only hope I can age as graceful.  By the way: She just survived breast cancer.

Young Novak:

Middle aged Novak:

Had a little work done? The 79-year-old actress appears to have undergone considerable plastic surgery and looks very different to how she did in 1980

Elderly Kim Novak:

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She is 80 years old, now.. What the hell do people expect her to look like?  Friggin sick putz’s. Making fun of the elderly is as low as one can go. Shame on the youth of America. How heartless. Is this how these jerks treat their Mother and Grandmothers?  God HELP them.

I bet if Kim was an older black woman…..

they would be WORSHIPING her!