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Look at this: NATO Appears To have Trained The Neo-Nazis Who Used Violence To Take Power In Kiev.

If this is all truth.. NATO is pro-Neo Nazi. Case closed. Take a look at all the pictures in this link: here, click.  WHEN looking, observe that the rooms are all the same wood, books, etc.

Top paragraph (from above) translated:

As an instructor at the NATO military base in Estonia taught Ukrainian nationalists everyday to fill up with Molotov cocktails, and throw grenades at law enforcement officers.”

*You will have to sift through the post. above.  At any rate:  If this is the truth-why are you supporting these people?  How will neo Nazis work for half Ukrainians/Half Russians?

TRANSLATED: classes were successful a subversive science, taught by an instructor NATO assimilated Ukrainian militants remains to obtain an order for its use in combat

We shall see in the coming days… But, its not that hard to believe…After all, the Ukrainian nationalists wear T-shirts saying: “BEAT THE YIDS”  Ukraine nationalists wear ‘Beat the Yids’ t-shirts