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Video Found Video Showing Arseniy Yatsenyuk Nazi Salute Is False.  Svoboda Party Leader-Tyahnybok Not False

My wife said that if she found that the picture of Yatsenyuk was doctored, she would recant it.  It is not photo-shopped but here is the video to recant the picture. You will see this picture is misleading:

It is a misleading photo as he was only waving to a large Svoboda crowd not giving a nazi salute.

An art collage from November 2013

TMJ statement on Yatsenyuk photo:

#Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk Caught With Nazi Salute? UPDATE by The Mad Jewess:  IF this is a photo-shop job, we will recant it immediately.  If it is not, then just who are you supporting? We’ve already seen the Nazi salute of the Svoboda party leader, Oleh Tyahnybok.

Original story and her statement: #Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk Caught With Nazi Salute?

Rumor has it that the Serbians are submitting some false information.  I dont know why the Serbs hate Europe and the USA, we only bombed them for 72 days in order to help Muslims.

This picture above has not been doctored, is an intentional Nazi salute and the question still remains:  Why is the U.S.A. supporting neo nazis?  Our mission on this website is to try to always bring the truth and if we are wrong or find misleading information, we will correct it.

-David Ben Moshe