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Bill O’Reilly Is Obama’s Call Girl Regarding Ukraine. Denies US Involvement To Kucinich, but offers no refutes

I am no fan of Dennis Kucinich, he is a nutty Liberal.  But, the other night, he was on O’Reilly.  Kucinich was telling the truth about Ukraine and how it was a coup.  He said US was involved in it.  The slutty whore for Obama, O’Reilly said the US wasn’t involved and it isn’t our fault this happened in Ukraine.  Really?  Why was John McCain there, O’Reilly? Why was Nuland there? She was not only there once, not twice but thrice.  She admitted the US spent 5 billion dollars propping up the new government by coup d’etat.   I get tired of the lies. It frustrates me no end.  Put all of the neo-Nazi’s behind for just a minute and ask yourself what these 2 rat bastards were doing in Ukraine, spending OUR money to undermine yet another elected government??? Don’t believe me about Nuland? Watch it yourself:  (“Russian Propaganda”)

Why was John McCain there, pledging his support in December?  Most be (“Russian Propaganda”)

What about congress on the Feb 11th bill signing re. Ukraine? (More Russian Propaganda)

By an overwhelming vote of 381-2 the House went on record demanding that the democratically-elected government of Ukraine bow to the demands of protestors in the streets and accede to “the…European aspirations of the people of Ukraine, and their right to choose their own future free of intimidation and fear.”
In other words, sign the association agreement with the EU or else.


Don’t tell me the US government didn’t initiate this mess, O’Reilly when it has been from the beginning.  I am tired of you and your garbage.  This is what was said on O’Reilly:

“From what I’m hearing, you’re blaming the USA for subverting Ukraine in the first place, thereby giving Putin a pass to go in and invade,” he told Kucinich.

“That’s close,” Kucinich answered. “We should be concerned about the Ukrainian people, because they’re being used right now. They would be used by the IMF in a new austerity program, by NATO to go on the doorstep of Russia.”

O’Reilly said the Ukrainian people “threw out a puppet president,” but Kucinich argued, “That wasn’t democratic. That was stirred up from behind the scenes.”

Read the rest: Here

Bill O’Reilly is nothing but a call girl & slut for Barack Obamo, pseudo-cons and the RINOs.

An art collage from November 2013

America now blames Russia for its detrimental policies  Anytime you present the truth about Ukraine, the RINOs & phony Conservatives say: “Thats Russian Propaganda” …Yet, they offer NO refutes.