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FABULOUS Article By American Thinker: “Putin Does Not Threaten Our Security, Obama Does”

This is an excellent article written by Don Feder @ American Thinker.  This article states just about everything I also have been trying to get across…Except I am a lousy writer. I have no patience.  You can g’head and read it, or you can be an idiot and say: “This is Russian Propaganda” and Feder is a Libertarian, pro-Russian plant.  That’s the new defamation when someone is trying to resent the truth, re Ukraine. Obama is our threat, Obama is our threat, Obama is our threat.

The Russian-backed government in Kiev came to power democratically, but was ousted by the Maidan mob. We’re told that the interim government is pro-Western and pro-EU. When Reagan was president, the expression pro-Western meant something. It meant pro-representative government, pro-human rights and pro-Western (Judeo-Christian) values.  Today, it means a willingness to accept same-sex “marriage,” abortion on demand, an anti-religion ethos – the agenda of the EU’s cultural commissars  — and the economic dictates of the Brussels bureaucracy.

Putin doesn’t want to see the EU — and, possibly, NATO — on his doorstep. Do you blame him? If someone overthrew a democratically elected, pro-American government in Ottawa and replaced it with an interim regime hostile to our interests, that contained neo-Nazi elements and which immediately moved against English-speaking Canadians, it would irritate us too. It would, that is, if there was an American in the White House.

But don’t I care about a possible Russian annexation of the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine (with its Russian-oriented, Orthodox population), conservatives who are still fighting the Cold War ask me?

Not really.  I’ll tell you what does concern me: Putin Doesn’t Threaten Our National Security, Obama Does (Hat Tip, QV)

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