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Obama’s New Exec Order: “You’re Either With US Or Against US” Re. Ukraine, Immigrants/Non-Immigrants

Obama is a  paranoid lunatic and tyrant.  To the MAX.  Where are the anti-war Liberals for free speech?’ Now the nut forbids access to “Russian sympathizers”!

Hell, Obama may not like what some of you are writing about his highness and just deport you…OR, he could just drone you to death.  Why not?  He has only murdered 2,400 civilians by drones in foreign countries.  If you undermine his NAZI coup in Ukraine..You may just die or get sent to the Fema that everyone’s always scared of..

The  executive order suspends “entry into the United States, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, of such persons” who fulfil the following criteria;

“[A]ny person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State:

(i) to be responsible for or complicit in, or to have engaged in, directly or indirectly, any of the following:

(A) actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions in Ukraine.

Read it here:


Don’t tell me this administration does not have its hands all over this Ukrainian madness!  I say LIE! FOUL!