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IDIOTS! BBC Admitting Neo-Nazis Led The Revolution In Kiev.  Nuh, Uh, “RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA”

In WWII we fought against Nazi’s to take them out of power. Today our “leaders” fight to put Nazi’s into power, and they bow over the grave of Marxist terrorists (Nelson Mandela).


We told you all along and got called “Russian Propagandists.”  The neo-nazi/nationalist faction was never our motive to stop this insanity: We are tired of the US/EU Military industrial complex.   IF these were just nationalists or patriots, I would probably be happy-but it isn’t.  In October 2012, Svoboda joined a formal coalition with the ‘centre’-right Batkivshchyna. Currently Svoboda Party has acquired: 37 parliamentary seats. 

The fascists took down statues within 24 hours, that is a psychologically intimidating tactic to drive fear into people.  And, explains who they are: Fascists.   Leftists only deface monuments in America and we have a cow here in the states.  We also advised who the other side was: Communists, led by USA/EU/SOROS.  Now, the BBC is admitting its insanity, that Nazis took over the revolt:

A BBC Newsnight short titled, Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine,”Jew-hating nationalists, immigrant hating nazis armed and leading the mobs in Kiev, directly contradicting months of Western media narratives portraying the rabble as aspiring for “freedom,” “democracy,” and “closer ties with the West,” with the most absurd example being  the “I am Ukrainian” propaganda reel.

The most important issue we face and must expose is the fact that Victoria Nuland and John McCain were both in Kiev, engaging these violent rioters.  Meaning that the US was involved. THAT is our issue.

And, why we have given 5 billion plus dollars to Ukraine. For what?!