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BRILLIANT Synopsis Re. Ukraine: “Ukraine Almost Carbon Copy Of Syria” By Brandon Smith

America has become a bully with an over-bearing Military Industrial Complex that is a murdering machine all over the world.


Some pseudo-conservatives believe that we, who want to STOP wars and regime changes are in love with Putin because of Ukraine or something.  1st of all:  It is easy to admire a leader who acts like a leader as U.S.A. is virtually leaderless.   #2. It is easy to admire a country who is leaving their past behind, moving forward towards the things of God as Russia is.   #3.  I, myself always admired Russia, but with a healthy fear:  I believed them to be the Soviets and we the free.   #4. You can see how we are not free anymore, America is turning Communist and the Soviet empire has been dismantled for over a 1/4 of a century    #5.  I, myself have always admired Russian artists and the Russian music composers.   

In short, I am not a Russia hater.  I am a realist.  I live in the here and now, not 1985 when the Soviets were still in power.   It’s not present day Russia who is bombing and droning countries at will.  It is not Russia who sends Senators to incite to riot in other countries.  Mr. Putin is not America’s boogeyman, OBAMA is. He will become our boogey-man if these war loving lunatics & blood money mad-men don’t back off.  They are putting the lives of troops and Americans in great danger.

At any rate, here is another excellent synopsis from a liberty-minded individual named Brandon Smith:

He does his homework:

It has been discovered that the current revolution has also been receiving funds from NATO and U.S. interests, not just from the State Department, but also from billionaires like Pierre Omidyar, the chairman of eBay.

This is what I have been saying all along: Ukraine is Syria redux:

It seems as though much of the public has already forgotten that at the end of 2013, the U.S. came within a razor’s edge of economic disaster — not to mention the possibility of World War III. The war drums in Washington were thundering for “intervention” in Syria and the overthrow of Bashar Assad. The only thing that saved us, I believe, were the tireless efforts of the independent media in exposing the darker motives behind the Syrian insurgency and the bloodlust of the Obama Administration. The problem is that when the elites lose one avenue toward war and distraction, they have a tendency to simply create another. Eventually, the public is so overwhelmed by multiple trigger points and political powder kegs that they lose track of reality. I often call this the “scattergun effect.”

The crisis in the Ukraine is almost a carbon copy of the civil war in Syria, culminating in what I believe to be the exact same intent.

He adds:

McCain was in Libya during the coup against Moammar Gadhafi.

McCain showed up to essentially buy off the rebels in Tunisia.

McCain hung out with al-Qaida in Syria.

All of it: Ukraine Crisis: Just Another Globalist-Engineered Powder Keg

Please pass it around and STOP Obama and McCain.

Again:  How would we feel if some foreign senator incited to riot in DC and they destroyed our national monuments?

An art collage from November 2013