My Best Friend, Mary

My best buddy in the world, Mary’s birthday is March 7th.  Mary died in 2007.  Some of you who know me, know about my Mary.  Every March 7th, I post something about her.  Mary always tried to be ‘prim & proper’.  NOT ME!! 😀  I always tried to dress sexy as a teen (14-18 years old).  

My bad..  😮

We grew up together on Long Island,  in the Hamptons.  The Hamptons was a great place to grow up in.  With wonderful seasons (4).  I lived 2 houses from the bay and 2 miles from the Dune Road-Ocean.  We also had a swimming pool that we would play in.   Mary always wore a ton of make-up (she didn’t like that she was super, white-skinned) I always thought she looked pretty!

Although Mary is no longer with us, I will never forget the enrichment she brought to my life for 36 years.  She was a freedom-loving patriot.  Mary loved listening to: Rush, Pink Floyd (PUKE) and Peter Frampton.  So, I dedicate these songs to her memory:


8 thoughts on “My Best Friend, Mary

  1. That is sad. I think it is very kind that you remember her this way and post a tribute to her, and your undying friendship. BTW, I was the same as you when I was younger…I would wear as little as I could get away with. Boy, did that get me in trouble! I’ve toned down quite a bit since then, though. God bless you my angry Jewish chic!

  2. What a blessing to have had Mary in your life, thanks for sharing your friend.
    God bless!!

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