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AZ Pretty Boy, Jeff Flake Going To Ukraine. He Is Supposed To Represent Ariz, NOT Ukraine

This pompous windbag won’t even seal the borders here in AZ but is all po’ed that Russia is on the Ukrainian border…It’s the damnable hypocrisy of the situation that makes me enraged.  McCain probably told his little girlfriend, Jeffy that there is money to be made in this whore deal in Ukraine.

Filthy whore.  I dressed up the little political slut just as she should be dressed:


America should get the hell out of Ukraine.  Are we not 17 trillion in debt?  Or are we only that much in debt when people are not busy pushing White House/McCain propaganda to cover up the coup d’etat in Ukraine?

And, hey…”Threatening” peace in Ukraine?  Well, you better not have private property:  CLICK