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Putin Adds Chechen Militants & Neo Nazis To Intl Wanted List, While U.S. Government Supports Them

Oleh Tyahnybok, party saluting his leader.

Staging a coup and replacing an elected government with unelected stooges, as the US has specifically done with the Maidan opposition, is a true violation of sovereignty foreign affairs.

Of course, the neo US Govt with radicals like Obama, Kerry and McCain in charge…what could go wrong…!  Watch all of the phoney-cons come out and say this is a ‘publicity stunt.’   While Obama says that ‘radical Islamics?’ is ‘Just ‘workplace violence.”    And, people wonder why so many Americans are more  pro-Russia?

AND:  All the pieces fit together nicely. We, who are sane can see these possibilities:   #1. Lot of Chechen terrorists could receive possible political asylum in Germany.    #2.   We can see how former Chechen terrorists play an active role of destabilization in Syria and now in Ukraine.   #3.  We can see how the Chechen terrorists and Ukraine ultra nationalist actions have been coordinated.

Angela Merkel promised massive damage to Russia. Perhaps unleashing Chechen terrorists aided by Ukrainians ultra nationalists is what she means by massive damage to Russia?  We shall see, won’t we?

Of course this is just “Russian propaganda”, (Former USSR) but, I’ll take it over White House active, Stalinist propaganda…Russia to add 2 Maidan leaders to intl wanted list over Chechen militant links 

Meanwhile, as we worry about Ukraine, this is happening here at home:  Americans Worry About “Freedom” For Ukraine Are Being Arrested Here @ Home For Filming Police

An art collage from November 2013