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#STOPWWIII  USA Should Not Be Vamping Up Nuclear WW3,  Just To Make Obama “Look Tough”

An art collage from November 2013

Ever since Obama has been in office, we have seen a complete destabilization of the middle east, 5X worse than when GWB was in office and most would agree–that was bad enough.

Since BO has occupied the White House-We have seen:

  • Egypt go through 2 revolutions,  the first revolt:  “The Arab Spring”  was brought on by Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Susan Rice and John McCain.  The first phony revolution brought the Islamic radical, Morsi into power who lead many Coptic Christians to slaughter.  Americans should be ashamed by this but only a few are.   Egypt’s 2nd true revolt  was to oust their country of these Islamic radicals and Morsi:  Obama’s militant, Islamic puppet.


  • Libya also went through a phony revolution. The continuation of the “Arab Spring.”  We saw Gaddafi murdered after he was sodomized to death.  Putin is the only leader who questioned these insane actions: Vladimir Putin lashes out at America for killing Gaddafi and backing rebels.  Hillary Clinton and Obama demanded that Gaddafi step down.  We suffered Benghazi for these actions.  Many Christians have been murdered and are persecuted now.  Libya is leaderless at present.   Thanks to US foreign policy.   It is immaterial if we like or hate Gaddafi, he was Libya’s leader & the US govt. broke international law by aiding the same rebels who murdered Libya’s leader, Gaddafi.


  • We have seen Clinton and Obama demand that Syria’s Assad step down from HIS leadership: Syria: Assad must resign, says Obama.   We have seen John McCain photo’d with Al Qaeda, Muslim bro’hood in Syria.  America is funding these same terrorists:  CIA-funded weapons begin to reach Syrian rebels – CNN.com.   We have seen a hundred thousand deaths of civilians & Christians in Syria, decapitations, cannibalism, dead priests, persecuted nuns in Aleppo & Damascus at the hands of these US backed Islamic ‘rebels.’   Cities leveled and destroyed there and Obama/McCain want to bring MORE war to Syria.


  • Now, we see the US Govt overthrow another leader:  Viktor Yanukovch and install a US/EU ‘leadership’ in Ukraine.  Call their Coup D’Etat: “Freedom.” Complete with radical elements in Ukraine who destroyed the city of Kiev: Who John McCain endorsed.  The same John McCain who refuses to seal OUR borders is worried about Russia being on the border of Ukraine?!

Now, they want to take us to WWIII with Russia just to make Obama look tough?!

An art collage from November 2013

TRUE patriots call out their government when it is ROGUECan’t Americans connect the dots with these revolutions or are you that dumb?