Glenn Edward McDuffie, WWII Sailor Kissing Nurse Icon Has Died

We have lost David Yeagley:  America Has Lost The Most Wonderful American Indian Patriot: David Yeagley

And, now, we lose this fabulous Sailor: Kissing sailor’ from iconic photo dies

This is very symbolic.  Before Yeagley passed away, he fought against black racists in court and won his case.  Justice was served.  No amount of money can give a man the feeling inside as does justice when it is just:  Our Blog Friend, Patriot David Yeagley Wins case against black racist in January, 2014 .. Even though Yeagley had horrible cancer, GOD sustained him until he saw manifested righteousness.

And, then- we lose an icon of America when it was great.

 The spiritual/symbolic meaning?   We have lost true patriotism, justice and wisdom with the deaths of these 2 great men.  We can already see evidence of this, daily.  It will only get worse.

Rest in peace, Patriot: