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CBS: “Russia Taking Their Money & Running” As Merkel Only Threatens.

yes, we're broke

I hope you all realize…We are watching infamy in history.  Many “conservatives” have chosen to side with White House, Russophobia propaganda campaigns.  You should know by now that they are ALL lying (US Politicians) and the GOP is just trying to look tough with Putin/RU.  Its pathetic… WE’RE BROKE. WAKE UP.

The other day, the frightful looking Angela Merkel threatened Russia with sanctions as did the 17 trillion dollar in debt, US Govt.  Gimme a break EU/USA: You have no money… No money means NO power.  America hasn’t a pot to piss in, politically-speaking and all of Europe besides Germany is in turmoil.  Russia does not need EU/USA, they have China, India and more ominous, Iran.

America has neo-Nazis in Ukraine, Syrian Muslim bro’hood rebels & the Gay, feminized military that Obama fired over 200 Generals, Commanders, Officers from…  Whose side are YOU on?  I’ll bank on Russia. I am sick of losing.

Russian companies withdraw billions from west, say Moscow bankers (This website is being heavily monitored)  So, I copied the whole post to word for you to read.  I usually never do that, but his website keeps coming up” NO website” on my end.

Scan0089Scan0090You can call this RU propaganda all day long, but taking money and running is what’s happening. 

I blogged that RU was dumping the dollar months ago (Of course, I am just the crazy, mad jewess and dont know sh*t)   I may write like crap, but I am smart about foreign events because GOD, Adonai, Jehovah, Elohim, HaShem made me that way:   USD being swept out of Russia