#McCainTheInsane Wants To Arm Junta Govt In Ukraine: His Neo NGO Pals

#McCainTheInsane Wants To Arm Junta Govt In Ukraine: His Neo NGO Pals

McCain and Durbin want 17-trillion-dollar-in-debt America to arm a pro Neo-Nazi Coup D’Etat “Government” in Ukraine.  I hope sane, right-minded Jews are keeping this in the back of their minds..

Let’s take a moment and pretend that there are NO Nazi’s in Ukraine at all and RU didn’t come to Crimea’s rescue…Let’s imagine that Ukraine joined the EU.  Ukraine, by nature is moderately nationalistic already:  They have a huge white majority and a large percentage of the population is Orthodox Christian.  I know this is hard to believe because they are Socialist-Liberal for the most part, but many nations are Socialist and Christians live there and love God. 

How would Ukraine feel in say, 5 years time?   Those of us who know about Europe know that EU is a Muslim, ass kissing entity that is ‘tolerant’ to it’s minorities who hate them & allows these same minorities to trample all over indigenous Europeans..

But, how would Ukraine feel if 20-25K Muslim immigrants were shipped in to their country in the name of ‘tolerance?’ 

My guess is they would hate it.  So, end discussion.  How many more countries have to suffer at the hands of these Liberal, Nazi-sympathizing, Commie-enabling, ‘human rights’, democracy-by-mob-rule, Coup-loving, NGO-worshiping politicians like McCain and Durbin??

These 2 miscreants are OK with NAZI factions in Ukraine but NOT OK with the American conservative movements here in the states….

NOW:  I agree with Paul Craig Roberts on a few issues (not all, a few.)  One thing that he said in an interview with Michael Savage:  “There is no world wide Communist movement.”   And, then he chuckled.   Well, he is wrong.  EU/USSA want to bring the whole planet into a new tower of Babel:  Babel is the spirit Communism, Mr. Roberts.  Nazi-ism & Sharia law also are.

At any rate…. the end justifies the means:  John McCain, Muslim-terrorist-loving, Commie- enabling, Nazi-sympathizer for BIG, HUGE, SOROS


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  1. I doubt if it will be a shooting war. Putin will simply sell off US debt and then the Chinese will be left holding the bag and massive losses, so they to may have no option but to sell US debt. Oil emergency reserves are only a three month supply, so Obama, who would not release them and help the American People, will throw away oil into Ukraine or all of the EU and UK? Where is the jackass going to get all of that kind of oil, and what kind of toilet paper money will purchase oil to give away? Once released, America will never see the oil or money value of the oil, ever again. Or does the Glass Jaw Dictator believe the American people are that stupid as to not realize what is taking place? We might end up seeing revolt in the streets. Then, America will really be like Europe. Broke, and with no hope or change.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! Eat shit America. Crimeans overwhelmingly voted to be part of Russia. What will you do now? War? Russia with Asia and Latin America behind her will nuke you to oblivion, if God does not do it first.

    You are finito. Put on your sack cloth, ashes on your head, and wail your dirges.


  3. It is said Angelika Merkel is Hitler’s illegitimate daughter.

    Just as Tony Blair came from the loins of Jacob Rothschilds

    And William Clinton came from the ejaculation of Rockefeller.

    Bastards in the West.

    Mad, stark raving psychopaths.

    Oh, so is 0bama. 0bama Sr. is NOT his father. That Davis guy is.

  4. According to the Crimean authorities, about 135 international watchdogs have registered to monitor the referendum. They come from 23 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia and Poland. Members of the EU and national European parliaments, international law experts and human rights activists together with 1,240 local observers are monitoring the voting at ballot stations. Mass media in the peninsula is represented by 623 accredited journalists from 169 international media outlets.
    Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_16/Secession-referendum-in-Crimea-LIVE-UPDATES-1196/


  5. Im glad they voted that way.
    Stupid west is a pig, filthy, Muslim ass kissing slobs.
    Dirt bag left wing filth
    Makes me ashamed to be an American.

    Glad I am American Indian

  6. Now, to rub salt in the lunatic West’s wounds, former Soviet enclaves want to reunite with the homeland. South Ossetia and Abkhazia are subsidized from the budget of the Russian Federation will be next, methinks. America’s pet poodle Saakshavilli will cry to US that already is, like a prostitute screaming rape at NATO to speed membership of Georgia. America instigated the war while Putin was attending the Beijing Olympics. When Russia responded to the cries of Russians in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, America’s pet poodle screamed at US for help. NONE CAME.

    Are you surprised? Treachery, thy name is America. Coward, thy name is America.

  7. Germany has adopted the Treachery of Terrorist America by being its bitch. Germany has forgotten that it was Russia’s Gorbachev, in 1991, who refused to use force to keep the union together and allow Germany to peacefully reunify. Then German ChancellorHelmut Kohl made a deal with Mikhail Gorbachev that the price of German reunification would be NO eastward expansion of NATO.

    In exchange, US President George H.W. Bush agreed not to expand NATO’s borders east, and certainly not to Russia’s borders.
    But at the time, Washington regarded Russia as a broken-down, third world nation beneath contempt. Bush senior and his successor, Bill Clinton, reneged on the deal with Moscow and began pushing Western influence east –to the Baltic, Romania and Bulgaria, Kosovo and Albania, then Georgia, across Central Asia. NATO offered membership to Ukraine. Moscow saw encirclement. Yeltsin must have been guided by God for he chose Vladimir Putin to be his successor . Who today is the Nemesis of the West.

    The rest of the world saw what the status of that ‘agreement’ is today from the EVIL Treachery of Satan-possessed America. Satan rules America.
    Get used to it, Amerikaners.

  8. MJ,

    I’ve been reading most of your entries WRT to the unfolding of what looks like an immanent war with Russia. You’re doing a fantastic job! Most of what you have to say on the issue is spot on..

    At any rate, I ran across a serious piece written by an eminent Russian scholar. He proffers a very interesting theory as to why the West is instigating a fight with Russia. He’s asserting, (quite correctly I believe) that it is being done as a last gasp attempt to save liberalism from imploding in on itself.

    I think the essay will be of great interest to you.

    Alexander Dugin: The War on Russia in its Ideological Dimension


  9. The dissolution of the 28 nations EU is underway.

    the Venice referendum is going today, 16 March, 2014:

    “Venice may also sever ties with the European Union and NATO if it gains its independence.

    “Venetians not only want out of Italy, but we also want out of the euro, the EU and NATO,” Raffaele Serafini, another pro-independence activist, told the Telegraph.

    Members of the movement say they have been inspired by Scotland and Catalonia, who have also planned referendums for this year. Scotland will vote for its independence in September, despite statements from the British government that they will not be allowed the pound if they separate. Spain’s government has decried Catalonia’s planned referendum as illegal and in defiance of Spanish sovereignty.”

    Crimea is not alone…….:).All the best to the people of Crimea today.

    Are you jumping like you have ants in your pants US/EU filth?

  10. About 93% of Crimeans in referendum voted to join Russia – exit poll


    Over a half of the Tatars living in the port city took part in the referendum, with the majority of them voting in favour of joining Russia, reports Itar-Tass citing a representative of the Tatar community Lenur Usmanov.”

    Typical LIES OF THE WEST EXPOSED that the Tatars are against Referendum.

  11. The Evil filth of the US barenaked. Shame on America and Amerikaners. You elect evil.

    (Self-defense unit delayed provocateurs at a polling station) http://sevastopol.su/news.php?id=58878

    (auto trans) “Today in Sebastopol self-defense forces foiled a provocation at a polling station on the street. Ivan Golubtsa.

    Detained a group. When they found firearms and cold steel, as well as a large sum of U.S. dollars.” Inc. video and photos of the bust.

  12. I’m still trying to decide who obozo’s puppet master is:

    a) Merkel?

    b) illuminati?

    c) MB?

    d) the devil (puppet master of all the above)

    perhaps all three? until his pride changes his mind & he changes sides…

    thnk he’s working to get all three @ each others’ throats?

    is there enough of him for each to have a share in the roast they’ll have of him?????

    Just wondering…

    Goyim Granma

  13. McCain asked for a “long-term military assistance program” for Ukraine, “both lethal and non-lethal,” How about a program to ensure needed defensive security at home, the real security, not a force to put honest, hard-working, patriotic American citizens under NWO tyranny. We have been providing “long-term military” assistance in country after country ever since the assassination of President Kennedy. That resulted in military industrialists at work leading to the consumer industrialists out of work. He wanted defensive capabilities, opposed communism, and established the most effective program for positive relationships with other nations (at far lower cost than our bloated military budget), the Peace Corps. Today, our enemy is within and consists of NWO globalist industrialists and bankers. During President Kennedy’s time, high interest rates came after his administration and will face us in days to come as well as high unemployment rates (anything 4% or higher) were unacceptable.

  14. HAHAHAHA. Typical of the Germans and the French. When it hits their pockets, they wake up.

    The majority of citizens of France and Germany oppose Ukraine’s integration into the European Union and financial aid to the so-called Ukrainian democracy. A survey conducted by France’s IFOP polling agency for the Le Figaro daily shows that more than 71 percent of respondents in France do not want to see Ukraine in the EU and 29 percent wouldn’t mind if it happened.

    Some 71 percent of the French and 62 percent of the Germans oppose Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

    Oh dear, what will 0bama, the neo-cons, that bitch Nuland,Loony bin McCain do now?

    Drone the French and German citizenry. Nichts from Merkel. Methinks she’s reeling with fright. Elections in May. She might be thrown into the trash heap of the losers.

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  16. An overwhelming majority of Crimeans voted on Sunday to secede from Ukraine and join Russia, resolutely carrying out a public referendum. Crimeans Take Shelter from Western Imperialism

    Savages/Barbarians US/UK/EU say they will not recognize the Referendum. Well, go commit suicide then.

    The entire world is SICK SICK SICK of you filthy evil.

    Putin 100 0bama 0 Merkel 0 CaMORON 0

  17. TY for that site, DJ.
    I am unwell and will read it when I get back 😀
    But, if he echo’s me, he is right 😀

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