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TELEGRAPH, UK:  Just Because You Don’t Protect Your People, UK Does Not Mean Russia Shouldn’t


England and America should shut up about humanity.

Look who we have for a “President” here in USSA: Barack Hussein Obama.  Who has brought more war, disaster, drone attacks, expansion of big government and an everyday assault on American Liberty.  He is a racist, illegal-firster, pro-partial birth abortion, a womanizer, a Communist radical who passes one executive order after the next.  Sends in NGO’s and overthrows governments, causes chaos, disorder and division.

Look at present day England:  A Muslim, ass-kissing country who enforces ‘hate speech’ laws on its indigenous people, allows illegals and immigrants to rule over the English, won’t allow a piggy bank in offices so the English won’t offend the Fundie Muslims, their underage girls are being raped, they can’t put their own flag anywhere: it might offend Muslims and fabian Marxists. Fabian Marxism is the reason that England is a current hell hole.

Yet, here is the Telegraph pushing Stalinist, attack propaganda against Russia, headlined:    Paranoia leads Vladimir Putin to the point of no return

EXCERPT: Putin believes the Ukrainian uprising was fomented entirely by the West. He puts two and two together and gets five. He saw Senator John McCain saluting the Maidan crowds, and heard Victoria Nuland, the US Assistant Secretary of State, discussing on the phone which opposition leaders she would like to see in the new government (and he made sure his spies made the tape of the conversation public).

This magician, a sorcerer of words actually – uses the truth in order to make a point: this is quite a devious tactic.  This windbag does not even question himself, WHY MCCAIN, a Senator from Arizona was even in Kiev, Ukraine in the first place!!!   “Paranoia leads Vladimir Putin”?   Is he paranoid, to protect his country & his Russian people from the now sociopathic, degenerate, secular, American & European type ‘liberals’ in both major party’s, led by our psychopathic lying president Obama, from lawlessly exporting their anti-Christian,  Jew hating, destabilizing gay, multicultural so-called “democracy”, but bankrupt in every way new world order, into Russia via Ukraine?

America and England do not protect their citizens.  They protect minorities who hate Americans.  Make no mistake:  In the real world, it is the EU pushing East to capture former USSR states.

Lets take a good look at England:

Lets take a good look at America:






Any questions?