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Hey @megynkelly Are You Not A Journalist? Why NO Questions On John McCain In Kiev, Ukraine, 2013??

Why are these questions NOT being asked?  Putin is NOT my despot, Obama is.


Where are the dot connectors? It’s just a hate Putin/Russia mess right now.   Why is Megyn Kelly quiet about John McCain’s presence in Kiev, Ukraine, 2013?  What was an Arizona senator doing in Ukraine?  He is supposed to represent Arizona in W. DC.   Why was he there?  What is an NGO?  Why are these questions not being asked?  It’s not wonder so many conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats are so stupid about this whole mess:  The MSM reports nothing.  Here we are with WW3 in the rhetoric and nobody is questioning the things we ask.

Megyn: Why was John McCain in Kiev telling Ukrainians that EU is their future?  What did he know in December that we don’t know?

Why was McCain inciting these rioters?

Its NOT a conspiracy if its the truth.

The rest of you, friends: Sorry I keep posting on this but I do NOT want WW3.