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I love colorizing the gilded lily ladies.  They were so classy unlike today’s slutty looking skanks.

GG by AsheDinaTMJ: Before a TAAZ Virtual Makeover


GG by AsheDinaTMJ: After a TAAZ Virtual Makeover

So, right now, to ease my little mind, I am colorizing gilded lily girls.  I also was a show girl, so I know what it is to have been young, sexy and gorgeous.  I don’t look bad now, albeit, I must use make up….  Of course, I never made it to Las Vegas for 2 reasons: #1.   I cant dance all that well.  #2.  I took care of my Nana until the day she died.   Other than that, I would have went to Vegas and completed my stage work in NYC.  But, Nana was more important. 

In NYC, you did not have to be a triple threat (In the 1980’s.)   If you are good at 2 talents, (mine was singing and comedy), they can forgive if you are not the best dancer. 

This was me at about 25 or so:

I have shown this before.. Makes me proud to have looked so great  😀

Now, onto gall stones:

At about 35 yrs plus, I was having stomach pains.. I had also been eating everything under the sun and had gotten chunky.  I mean a real heifer!   They did an ultrasound on me and it showed that I had a gall stone.  The Doc advised me to stop eating lousy foods.  I didn’t listen.  SO-at close to 40 or so, I went again and another Doc advised me that I was doing OK with the foods I was eating but if I wanted this gall stone to stop growing:  Stop eating bad foods, all together.. So, I did.   But, it was too late:  this dang gall stone was in a growing stage and now it didn’t care what the hell I ate, it was gonna grow.  No matter how weight I had managed to take off..


What is the meaning of my little story of gilded lilies and gall stones?  Look girls and boys.. You only have one body.  You can work on your outside physique but if you do not treat the inside well, you will be in trouble.  So, take good care of yourself, inside and out and God will bless your body and spirit.

This is me at present (my CD cover)