Madeline Albright Returns From The Dungeon To School Americans On Ukraine/Russia

Madeline Albright Returns From The Dungeon To School Americans On Ukraine/Russia

Someone please send this hag back to her quarters.. This evil, vomitous slob is ranting on how Americans should forget about the Malaysian plane and concentrate on building a nuclear war against Russia so that she and John McCain can live like fat cats while the country is burning: Madeleine Albright Tells Everybody to Focus on Ukraine over Plane Coverage

The nasty pig-face says that they ‘tried to get RU ‘in the system.’  Of what?  Left wing insanity? Pseudo-conservative lunacy?

This witch needs to get lost.  60% Americans want NO MORE INTERVENTION anywhere.  We’re broke.  What don’t these idiots get???  We do not want WW3. We want Obama to shut the hole in his face and go back to golfing, 24/7. Some want him to ‘do something’ about Russia.  What for?  To look tough?  Tough is NOT getting involved.

I am very passionate about this subject because I am SICK of American aggression and intervention, (military industrial complex) and so is everyone in the planet.

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  1. See, I told you, readers dear. Vicious, demonic evil leaders are in abundance in the Continent of Evil that God has marked for death and destruction.

    This is an excellent article

    It was America’s own Edgar Cayce who predicted that Salvation would come from Russia. While all the oh so pious, already in heaven American writers, press whores, and 99% of the populace demonise Putin and Russia. This is how a Cursed Continent of Cursed people think.

    Albright already has to answer for more than a million deaths. America joined her in the slaughter of 800,000 Orthodox Christian Serbs and more than 500,000 Iraqi children and babes. She could not have done it without the consent of the American people. Truth sucks!

  2. Negro 0bama’s stepfather was a Mass Murderer. Americans love Mass Murderers. They re-elected the Mass Murderer 0bama.

    The CIA’s 1965 Indonesia coup was one of the biggest holocausts in history. According to Princeton history professor Bradley Simpson, as cited by the Jakarta Globe: “The US and British governments did everything in their power to ensure that the Indonesian army would carry out the mass killings” of more than one million people following the coup against Sukarno. Most of the victims were tortured before they were murdered. The list of names of people to be tortured and murdered was provided by the CIA to their hired Indonesian thugs. While this was going on, five-year-old Barrack Obama was living in Indonesia with his stepfather Lolo Soetoro, who was working for the American mass murderers.

    That’s right: Obama’s stepfather was a holocaust perpetrator.

  3. Putin is stopping New World Order “creative destruction” in Syria and Ukraine. He is part of a growing coalition opposing the NWO – not just religious traditionalists, but also progressive anti-globalization forces, including Hugo Chavez inspired anti-imperialists in Latin America.

    We are facing an epic struggle between those who espouse sacred values such as justice and decency versus those who wish to destroy all values.

    God bless President Putin, who is putting the fear of God into the New World Order.


  4. 0OOOOH, America now says:

    US won’t launch war with Russia over Ukraine: Obama

    In an interview with NBC News on Wednesday, Obama said, “We are not going to be getting into a military excursion in Ukraine.”
    The US president warned that Russian might is not right, condemning Moscow for “violating the sovereignty” of Ukraine.

    BUT might is right for America to invade Vietnam, all Latin American countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt. HYPOCRISY, THY NAME IS SATAN AMERICA.


    Could it be that the neo-cons suddenly woke up and realized its April next month, and oooooh 90,000 American GIs need safe exit from Afghanistan?

  5. Do you have kin in Afghanistan? Do you know you would need Russia’s help who graciously , when Pakistan sealed its borders and convoy trucks could not reach the camps to feed both yours and NATO troops, it was the Christian Putin who allowed the resupply route to pass through Russian territory? You hav 90,000 American GIs stuck in enemy territory. I repeatedly say Russia, China, Pakistan should seal all borders and allow the Taliban to have a turkey shoot at your beloved kin. If it were the Russians trapped in there, without a blink, you filthy Amerikaners would do it and then laugh, and revel. I have seen many a video about your American satanic brutality on fleeing Iraqis, Pakistanis, North Wariztanis.

    Don’t you think you deserve to get what you dished out to innocents?

  6. Oye Amerikaners. You ahve a Chicken Little for a potus. HAHAHAHAHA/ All threats, no action. Druggie cannot win against KGB chess player.

  7. Here, this crazy Jew loves Putin:

    He is right about Orthodoxy Christian, but he is still a nutty Jew.

  8. And WHY NOT? It was President Vladimir Putin , in his late first term who organised the aliyah of ONE MILLION RUSSIAN JEWS TO ISRAEL even as George Bush was intent on dividing Israel and pressuring Ariel Sharon.

  9. Brother Nathaniel is another of those who is hiding the truth about the JESUITS. The Jews he is demonising are Catholic Jews. The Pharisees and Sadducees who pass off as Jews.

    The JESUITS are at WAR with Russia and Putin. And BRICS nations. But we are gaining. Let the JESUITS apply Loyola’s Inquisition , we apply Sun Tzu. Latest news, we are winning.

  10. The oh so democracy, human rights Terrorist nation America that lectures Russia ‘against International Law’ blah blah blah
    BOYCOTTS UN Drone Talks. You know the Drones that an American bastard confessed to murdering more than 1.600 and Amerikaners cheer as they dug into their Franken foods?

    Pakistan is trying to push a resolution through the United Nations Human Rights Council that would trigger greater scrutiny of whether U.S. drone strikes violate international human rights law. Washington, though, doesn’t want to talk about it.

    Others Die OK. Americans must not be deprived of their colosseum of Death & Destruction and Blood & Gore.

    Did you read of marches in the millions by Amerikaners to stop the Murder of Innocents? NO? I rest my case

    Madeline Albright would be happy to be in charge. She is such a vampire glutton for fresh blood.

  11. Here Amerikaners. Something to make you, oh so christian, god bless america hypocrites, very happy.

    US child prostitution network dismantled

    Most were boys aged 13 to 15 years, and they had two children under three years of age who were induced to pose for sexually explicit photos and these pictures then were placed on the Internet, reported the Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States, Jeh Johnson.
    The alleged perpetrators of these crimes were arrested and charged in March of one of the largest known operations of child exploitation in online history, Johnson confirmed during a press conference in Washington.


    US, readers dear, is the world’s leading baby/child pornography filth. They make billions. And Amerikaners sing; god-satan bless america so we can rape 1 month old babies.

  12. Steven Seagal is in Russia, not sure if he has taken Russian citizenship, but very close with Putin. He is in charge of teaching russian girls and boys in martial arts, especially Akido of which he is an exponent.

  13. Amen, QV, absolutely.

    The time for JUSTICE is coming to the Serbian people.
    I believe that time is COMING.

  14. He is too busy dumping on all the Jews and no matter what, QV: HE IS A JEW.

  15. Look at this nice Jewish man, QV:
    And when Kosovo was separated, you were not so concerned about? You supported this separation of Kosovo! And remind deceitful russophobes Levy, in the Crimea January 20, 1991 has held free referendum on the same issue! It was attended by 81.3% of voters. To the question: “Do you support reconstruction of the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic as a subject of the USSR and the Union Treaty party?” Responded positively to 1,343,855 people (93.26%).
    But under pressure from America’s referendum decision has not been realized!
    Russia will not tolerate disregard of its interests , and surrounded on all sides NATO bases ! In the 90’s we – Russian believed in honesty and America were brutally deceived ! Ruined and ravaged the country , surrounded us bases NATO turned our allies of our enemies , and now by the illegal coup brought to power in Ukraine fascists ! Open the square of Kiev American politicians called for the overthrow of the legitimately elected President ! Russia can not and will no longer tolerate bullying USA ! We have nowhere else to retreat and have nothing to lose !

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  17. What the man is known to almost everyone who cares for his country out in the Far East. We see examples of resistance in the Far East. The US barks, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan does what fits the nation.

    The US is RABID. And a danger to ALL nation. Look at the History of Ingratitude and Filth.
    Remember, Russia stopped the Rothschild take-over of the U.S. during the Civil War by placing 2 fleets off of the Eastern and Western coasts, telling Britain and France if they made a move against the US, Russia would consider it and act of WAR. So the guns sighted the Czar to be removed.
    Gorbachev claims that when the “Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany” was signed in 1990 there was an understanding that NATO would not expand eastward. This has been denied by the US, France and the UK, but it seems likely such a private understanding was included to get Soviet acquiescence. A year later the USSR collapsed and NATO rapidly expanded into the former Warsaw Pact region.

    Putin did what a beloved son of Russia would. When Russia saw itself encircled by filthy US/NATO missile defense bases he helped his own Russians. Without a single shot being fired. Without a single building destroyed. With smiles and euphoria of liberation.

    Compare that to what the Filthy Evil Satanic America/NATO did to Serbia, Iraq, Libya, now Syria.

    The next War must be in the Heartland of America. Iran and Pakistan should activate their cells inside the US and let the bombs go.

    Then, let’s see how Americans like it.

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