I just dont feel like blogging about the news.  I’m tired and cold.  Have not been eating a lot because I don’t want this thing to start acting up.  Which is why I am cold.

a41I want to say that God will get me through this.  I also want to tell you all that there are so many people who go through so much worse and God is with them, too.  He never leaves us.  It may seem like he does, but he won’t leave us.

a40Take good care of your health the best you can because you only have one body.  Don’t learn this in your 40’s like I did.  Learn this in your 20’s.  When mom or dad tell you not to eat certain foods, take it from me. Dont eat it.  And, when you do, eat in moderation.

a41At any rate, these past few weeks, I have been called a Putin sympathizer, Putin apologist, etc.  When American leaders start behaving like leaders on both sides of the aisle, then, maybe I will consider it.   But – until they do, I have witnessed leaders in other countries acting as they should and I will give THEM moral support.   Don’t like it?   Too damned bad.