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While You Worried About Putin’s Fake Fascism,  US Govt Had Patriotic Youtube Channel Shut Down

Paul Joseph Watson
March 23, 2014:

UPDATE: About 3 hours after this article was posted and following a wave of public pressure, Mark Dice’s channel was restored by YouTube.


As Americans are worried about the 1985 monster, the USSR which is no longer in existence, Obama’s KGB has shut down an excellent Youtube channel.  His videos consisted of dumb Americans signing their rights away in phony petitions.  We posted a few here.  We don’t agree with everything he says, but overall, his videos are excellent.  Videos showed the senselessness of the American idiot.  Do you really think stupid Americans deserve a country?

[His videos were flagged for “Extremist content.”   U.S.  is now the Communist, not Russia.]

Story and video here: YouTube Shuts Down Major Alternative Media Channel Days After Government Given Powers to Flag “Extremist Content”

Dice’s website:  http://www.markdice.com/

O’Reilly mocked him: O’Reilly Factor Attacks Mark Dice VIDEO

O’Reilly’s gal pals also made light of Dice: ABC’s The View Plugs The Resistance Manifesto

Mark Dice has written: Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True

-David Ben Moshe