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Who Died & Made Americans The Judge Of Vladmir Putin?

 Jealousy.. Is a hard emotion to conquer.  Look in a mirror, America.

I have been reading many websites that are really demonizing Vladmir Putin.  “He is a tyrant that wants to reinstate the glory days of Russia”, “He is a KBG agent who is annexing little countries”, “He is the Russian Obama.”

SO-Here is the latest ‘Putin apologist’ rant from your friendly neighborhood Mad Jewess….Russia’s Putin is the opposite of Obama.  Anyone that is reading & educating themselves about Russia knows this.  Russia has turned from its dark past and is turning CHRISTIAN.  America is the one that is turning to the dark side.   Most of these websites accusing Putin are calling themselves “Christian.”  How can that be?  How many American Christians have even been to Russia, have Russian friends and know first hand about Mr. Putin?  My guess is slim and none and slim is on vacation.

Leaders of countries all have problems and Russia is no different.  However, just who died and made you the grand pub’ah?  Who told you to jump to conclusions about a person you’ve never met?  Who told you to judge this person just because he is a leader?  And, why are you saying things which you know nothing of?  It is you that is spouting vicious propaganda.

This type attitude is contradictory to Christianity and spiritual Judaism.

I am a member of a huge digital art website, many of my cyber-friends are from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, etc.. I have been part of this website for many years.  It is amazing to me how kind, thoughtful, patriotic, compassionate these people are from that side of the world.  I can tell you this much:  Mr. Putin is very respected in that part of the sphere.  Obama is not respected in the least bit and neither is America.  Gee, I wonder why.. Can’t be because of America’s new-found love of Muslim brotherhood in the east and neo-Nazis in Ukraine, can it?

America LOVES to invent tyrants and make up insane characterizations of these said tyrants. 

 Mr. Putin claims to be Orthodox Christian.  If he claims this, I have no reason to disbelieve it.  Obama says America is not a Christian nation and that is evident. Obama does not even hide his disdain for conservative-Christian principles. Obama is anti-Christian:  All anyone has to do is look at all of the dead Christians in Syria because of OBAMA’s foreign policy insanity.  BUT: Putin has said that he wants to build a movement to save believers in the east & worldwide:  Putin says leaders should unite to end anti-Christian persecution .

A person is known by the fruits and actions of his life.  His/her intentions are revealed.  Many believe that Putin is the ‘anti-Christ’.  Again, I have to tell you that evil actions and intentions must be revealed.   I see none of these wicked intentions of the monster, boogeyman in Putin at this time.   I hope I will never have to.     But, you who WANT WW3 just to ‘look tough’ again—you are my enemy.  You are an enemy to humanity.  I know the bible says “Beware of those that say, peace, peace.”  This does not mean that well-meaning people should not want it & pray for it.   I know that this will not come on earth, but it is never wrong to want peace and an end to Americas non-stop, continuing police actions for nothing.

Its time to stop the demonization of a person you don’t know.

Here is a Youtube of Putin at Christmas-time:

Many people that are sane are glad that Mr. Putin is standing up to Obama/McCain and Company.  How can you blame them? Meanwhile.. websites and people will continue to defame a leader they know nothing of, all while our own leadership is rotten to the core.

I wrote about Russia 2 years ago.  Sensing the hatred against them: The MEDIA~Russian People Are Wholesome … 

Photo montage of Russians: