@SenJohnMcCain Starting Another Mess In Maldova? NATO Cmndr Pushing War Propaganda

@SenJohnMcCain Starting Another Mess In Maldova? NATO Cmndr Pushing War Propaganda

The only nation wanting to expand NATO in the former Soviet bloc is AMERICA.  This Russia/USA scenario is ALL about energy..


I blogged about McCain the insane visiting Maldova (BAD for Maldovans) and now a NATO commander is pushing McCain spiel:  Russia ready to annex Moldova region, Nato commander claims.  (Lies, 24/7 horsesh*t from the White House lunatics.)

McCain the war-mongering animal has been pushing the same propaganda as the NATO commander.. I find it interesting that the NGO (John McCain & Co) are the perpetrators of these violent coups and revolts – yet, blame Russia for their crimes.  Talk about projection…

See what I wrote here:  ARIZONA’s #McCainTheInsane Worried About Moldova. He Met With Their Statesmen In 2011, 2012

Americans don’t care…they believe our media.  The MSM lies daily, but so what?  Russia-hatred is so uber cool now…..All of this lying propaganda makes me SICK.

What does this mean for Maldova?  It means (possibly) that there will be an over-throw of the Moldovans elected government.  We will hear the propaganda of how the citizens of Maldova want freedom when its not about freedom at all.  Its about EU energy: Join Europe energy or die.    And, then Americans will pretend to care about that country..

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  2. Like the sanctions, all hot air and bombastic rhetoric. April Amerikaners. 90,000 American GIs trapped in Afghanistan. We will see your leaders crawlling, govelling, snivelling to Putin for safe exit. Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. The Afghan President Hamid Karzai has supported the decision of the Crimea on reunification with Russia. The head of the republic made this statement in the course of the March 22 meeting with a delegation of the US congressmen, the Pazhvok newspaper reports.
    Hamid Karzai stressed that he “respects the free will of the people of the Crimea.”

    April cometh. And 90,000 American GIs trapped in Afghanistan.

  4. Oye, Anglosaxon Amerikaners.

    ‘Americans’ owe native Indian People over $700 trillion – Mohawk Elder Mark Maracle
    The genocide of the indigenous peoples of North and South America continues to this day and the Indian Nations continue to fight for their very existence. The US Government has never rescinded standing orders for the complete extermination of the Indian People nor has it ever allowed the true owners of the lands that the “Americans” are squatting on to achieve any sort of redress. In monetary terms the “Americans” owe the native people over $700 trillion yet they continue to rape the land that is not theirs to begin with. Mark Maracle and Elder with the Mohawk Natition and an IROQUOIS (our dear MJ hasIroquois blood coursing through her veins) spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and more. Mr. Maracle stated that the Great Law of Peace that was given to the Iroquois was given to the whole world and he invites people to come and listen and learn.

    Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_03_24/Americans-owe-native-Indian-People-over-700-trillion-3780/

    Amerikaners with a conscience, please read.

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