Ron Paul: “US Democracy Promotion DESTROYS Democracy Overseas. Is Like Leninism”

Ron Paul: “US Democracy Promotion DESTROYS Democracy Overseas. Is Like Leninism”

It’s time to put Leninism and its filthy worldwide revolutions to death once and for all.

Love or hate Ron Paul, he is absolutely correct about this issue that McCain and Nuland started in Ukraine with their NGO insanity.  When will Americans GET that this is not the way things are supposed to be?  When?  Everyday, I am echoing the same thing that I said yesterday.  We are not supposed to be in a constant state of war.  We have been in war for 13 years people, THIRTEEN YEARS. This is just like the Roman empire–even worse.  God hates war.  HATES it. 

Listen to what Paul is saying, research the things he is talking about. PLEASE:

I have not ever liked Ron Pauls followers because they blame the Jews for EVERYTHING.  I have had to put that aside to hear what he is saying and urge you to do the same.

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  1. Ron Paul is about the only person who will speak certain truths, but a moderate amount of Libertarianism goes a long way, and some of his judgments are misjudgments. One fatal flaw in Libertarianism policy is rejection of tariffs (which is followed by NAFTA and GATT agreements.) We should support his idea of abandoning the Fed, of course, but learn who is hiring and directing a few Jews in carrying out UN, NWO, and IMF policies so that blame may be fairly placed and corrections can take place. Who are the people behind oil, banking, and globalism? In the meantime, we should maintain freedom from being herded into cannon and bomb fodder, overseas and domestically, for the global Marxists and Georgia Guidestone Druidic cultists. If we don’t, Halliburton could get a most lucrative corpse disposal contract involving burial, at land and sea, and cremation of 6.5 billion former useless-eating people who have become cadavers.

  2. 6.5 billion former useless-eating people who have become cadavers.

    From the oh so democracy, human rights R2Kill Continent of Psychopaths aka America.

    bill gates wants millions killed
    chris Cooper arrested.

    Don’t you agree that we should all pray to God to hasten the death, destruction and demise of Satan America, readers dear?

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  4. Amerikaners’ darling Yulio Tymoshenko in leaked tape:

    Time to grab guns and kill damn Russians –

    Ukrainians must take up arms against Russians so that not even scorched earth will be left where Russia stands; an example of former Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko’s vitriol in phone call leaked online.

    Amerikaners are having multiple orgasms at the thought of murdered Russians by their darling Nazis/Fascists/Jihadists in the Ukraine.

  5. Check this out, QV:

    NATO supreme commander in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, warned Russia against any attempt to “annex” Transnistria.

    The Foreign Affairs Minister of the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic, the very glamorous Nina Shtanski (photo), welcomed the outcome of Crimea’s referendum on self-determination and recalled that on 17 September 2006, in an analogous vote, 97.2% of Transnistrians had come out in favor of becoming part of the Russian Federation.

    The President of Transnistria’s Parliament, Mikhail Burla, wrote to his Russian counterpart asking him to pass a law on the accession of Transnistria to the Russian Federation emulating what has been done for Crimea.

    The President of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti, asked the European Union to speed up the signing of an association agreement so as to have a lock on Transnistria’s legal attachment to his country.

    The President of the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic, Yevgeny Shevchuk, went to Moscow to discuss the situation of his country’s Russian-speaking population following Kiev’s closure of the Ukrainian border.

    Moldova declared its independence on 19 August 1990. Just as, at the time of the USSR, Crimea was administratively attached to Ukraine, Transnistria was attached to Moldova, from which it declared independence one week later, on 1 September. However, Moldova was admitted to the UN, but not Transnistria, which has existed for 24 years as an unrecognized state. In June 1992, NATO tried unsuccessfully to resolve this issue through force, killing more than a thousand people, but had to back away due to the resistance of the population [1]. Since then, the country’s security has been provided by a contingent of Russian peacekeepers.

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  7. {Russia against any attempt to “annex” Transnistria}.

    Oh please! That itsy bitsy piece of earth has already chosen to join Russia. Period.

    America has to worry about Odessa. Thousands of Odessites are protesting today against the coup d’etat in Ukraine and the political repression that followed. They brought the flags of Ukraine, Russia and the Crimea, chanting “Ukraine and Russia stand together”, “Odessa is a Russian city”, “Odessa is against Nazis and oligarchs”, “Odessa, give Banderovites the bum’s rush”, “Referendum.”

    The problem here is Americans, from top to bottom in the entire administration, are HISTORY-IGNORANT. No? Look at Dubya and his utter ignorance of Shia and Sunni islam. Rumsfeld who was what? Defence Secretary? And he and his pathetic “new Europe” crap.

    When the US and NATO just waltzed in into Yugoslavia they entered a region in which history is the single most important factor, but they though that bombs are good enough, that any historical issues can be bombed into oblivion. Why do you think that the US and EU today support real bona-fide Nazis in the Ukraine, if not because a crass ignorance of history bordering on the criminal, especially for senior decision maker.

    Anyway, we , out here, aeons ago Wrote Off the Americans as people ignorant of history who will buy any propaganda, no matter how self-evidently idiotic it is

    Days to come, more and more former Soviet Satellites will choose to rejoin Russia.
    What will weak, spineless, America do? Oh, btw, China manfucatures all your military hardware spare parts. Talk about IDIOTS!

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