Visa/Mastercard Cut Off Russian Transactions. Obama Pledges 1 Billion USD, Violating 1961 Foreign Assistance Act

Visa/Mastercard Cut Off Russia Transactions. Obama Pledges 1 Billion USD, Violating 1961 Foreign Assistance Act

Obama is very good at ‘making friends and influencing people.’  He has enabled ALL of our enemies and funds Jihadists- and now, picks fights with countries that were NOT hostile with us.

‘International payment system Mastercard has stopped serving clients of seven Russian lenders, after the US issued sanctions against it regarding Russia’s position over the Ukrainian turmoil.  Rossiya Bank was blocked by both – Master Card and Visa, and with the latter also cutting ties with Sobinbank, SMP Bank and Investcapitalbank.’

Excuse me, but just who is the fascist here?

When did Russia ‘cut off’ America from their plastic cards, transacting and bank-lending?  When did Russia violate an act from 1961 against the purposes of the USA? 

Many of you morons WANT Russia to be ‘told off.’  For what? FOR WHAT!?  Before Ukraine, did you even give a damn about that country? NO.  Did you care about the people of Ukraine? NO.  Do you give a damn about anybody but your own damned selves? NO.  So, why does Ukraine matter?  Because John McCain and his NGO pals are in business of pushing EUROPEAN ENERGY to isolate Russia.  Just where are we getting this 1 billion dollars? China?  Russia’s ally?

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    America used to BE tough, she didn’t have to ‘look tough.’ Truer words have never been spoken. Love your blog, keep up the good fight

  2. I wish that pic of obozo was real!

    Hope you’re feeling better & recovering quickly.

    Keep up the good fight!

    Much love and prayers over you and yours,

    Goyim Granma

  3. Hi Gramma:

    I get the surgery on Friday 😀
    ITs not supposed to be a ‘big’ surgery. SO, I’ll be OK.
    I had a BUNCH of tests they put me through and my last blood test tomorrow

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  5. Oh really? Told you readers the Anglo Saxons and that includes the American elites, in their ever present stupidity, want to show Russia how stupid Russians are and who is boss. Anglo Saxons , as I have written, are degenerates living with 15 year outdated stereotypes. Today, 90% of them have their brains in their arse.

    So, Amerikaners and the rest of West feel very smug about themselves with the Visa/Mastercard cut off for Russians. These are targeted at banks that are owned by people close to Putin, for example Tinkoff Bank and Russkii Bank.

    The Russian government moved quickly to assure the public that ALL deposits in these banks are GUARANTEED so no run on the banks will occur. BUT, something more important is now underway. For some ten years Russia had planned for the creation of a payment platform and clearing service for a Russian based credit service to rival that of Visa and Mastercard. It’s called Protoplat. Within a year this platform will be a FULL competitor for the American monopolists in Russia and the Eurasian Zone.
    Considering the insulted sense of spravadlivost of most russians and their innate patriotism, this will cost the Americans tens of billions of dollars yearly. Best of all, within two years, this platform will be able to go international outside of Eurasia and offer the world a realistic alternative to the American oligarchs.

    So, readers dear, by next year you will read of suicide of a dozen top bankers at Visa, Mastercard, and American Express caused by stress. Perhaps even several American Filthy, Corrupt Congress creatures, dependent on financial banking sector to survive.

    We are already killing the US/rest of the West with BRICS. Don’t you know? Russia backs China . The Chief Economist of Russia’s largest bank stated that “China’s Yuan may become the third reserve currency in the in the future.”

  6. Comment covers Russia loses 1 billion today. America and the rest of the west lose hundreds of billions by next year. TRALALALALALALALA.

  7. And the Bulgarians are demonstrating AGAINST brains in the arse America/rest of the Ugly West sanction on Russia.

    So what now Amerikaner degenerates?

  8. Good, QV, good for the Bulgarians.
    SICK of this shit.
    I woke up with this thought this AM:

    The NGO will be dismantled.

  9. Which NGO? Putin dismantled ALL the American sponsored/funded NGOs. A few are allowed to function, under very strict supervision and surveillance.

    America will NEVER dismantle NGOs. Reagan’s NED was created in 1983 to do in relative openness what the CIA had long done in secret, nurture pro-US
    operatives under the umbrella of “promoting democracy.”)

    It was this NED that tried to prevent Putin from winning his presidential elections.

    It is not the world must go. It is America that must go.

    The entire world is SICK SICK SICK to the back teeth of America. What’s happening in Venezuela is GLADIO.

    Amerikaners, look it up. Then tell me if you are proud to be an Amerikaner knowing your country and the leaders you elect foment death and horror on the entire world.

  10. NO, QV:
    the NGO that McCain is working for will be dismantled.
    I dont know when or how, but it will.

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