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“NO, I Was NOT Born Gay” Book Written By My Fabulous Friend, Jay L. Hudson

I met Jay in 1986 at the “Wharf Theater” in Monterey, California.  He was a ‘flaming queen.’   At any rate, I instantly loved Jay-He was a class act & dressed immaculate…Possessed beautiful, big, white, teeth -black hair and the most gorgeous, deep, blue eyes, a drop dead gorgeous physique…  Jay can sing like you can’t believe & is an extremely talented individual.

When I met Jay, we were instantly connected.  Our spirits were kindred.  Jay had an open heart as did I.  I can remember to this day, walking down the wharf after a production:  He, in his long, black, leather trench and a leather black fedora and me in my black/gold lace pants with a gold sequin cap…What a pair   😉     I remember asking Jay, straight up:  “Are you a fag?” (That was how I talked because I have always been a blunt individual)  Jay, sadly said “Yes.”   “What a shame,” I replied…  Then, I said: “Well, whatever, I really like you and I believe in 2 years time, we’ll meet again and everything will be different.”  We walked back to the theater, gave each other a hug goodbye.

2 years, we DID meet again at the Hartnell College in Salinas, California.   Jay was so sad.  I asked what was wrong and he just said “I don’t know, just in a turning point and don’t know where I am going.”  A few months later, we were at an audition for the musical, rock opera “Tommy.”   Jay landed the part of Tommy’s father and I landed the part of the Acid queen.  Jay was different this time:  He had a light in his eyes.  I asked him what it was that was in his eyes, “He said JESUS!”   ‘Jesus?’ I said… I was thinking, what the hell is so special about Jay A GAY that this Jeeeesssssus cared about and didn’t care for me… I was jealous.   😉

At any rate:  Jay had become a Christian & left the gay life-style, completely.  He married a beautiful woman (I will call her Lara) and they had a beautiful son.  Jay was diagnosed with AIDS in 1994-95 and has been living with AIDS for 20 years.  Jay’s life is an amazing testimony of how GOD can change things.  Please read my wonderful friend, Jay’s book.   This is Jay’s twitter handle: @JayXGay. (Please add him to your twitter page)   I will be teaching him how to utilize twitter and we will be building him a website on Tumblr.com so you can read his daily excerpts about his life, struggles, joys, etc…

You can buy his book, 3 different ways on Amazon:

No, I Was Not Born Gay! Paperback

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There is hope, people.  Believe me.   God will NOT put up with the militant homosexual for long.