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ADL: Racial “Attacks On Jews Up In NYC” – FOXMON Is A Moron: Black/White Crimes Against White Christians, Nothing?

Oy vey…ugly all day...

Black males under 25 are about 3% of the population, and commit 58% of this nation’s crime. There are six black on white assaults for every one white on black assault. Last year, many thousands of white females were raped by black men. Between 0-10 black females were raped by white men.

The ugly weasel, Abe Foxman has brought the attention to the ‘knock out game’ in his latest article: New York City attacks on Jews tripled in 2013.  But, he was not the first to bring light to it.  Others have–We have.  Even white, Christian, nationalists have.  But, what gets me is that nobody matters to Abe Foxman BUT Jewish people.  But….which Jews?  The Jews that have been attacked have been religious.  Religious Jews are rarely involved in radical, leftist politics.   If these types of attacks had happened to some Communist ‘Jews’ on Broadway, a different tune would we hear right now, wouldn’t we?   It would be on TV.   Weinstein would produce a movie about it.   Why has it taken so long for this moron to react?   They are not the ‘right kind of Jew?’  Religious/right minded Jew pays the price for the treachery of the Communist, multi-cult “Jew.”   It’s true, WE get blamed and attacked for the Erav Rav (Sorcerer “Jew”)

  My point:  Why are white Christians not important, Foxman?  Why? Christianity is an extension of Jewry. Like it or not, it is.  Jesus walked the earth as a JEW.   Caring about Christians IS caring about the Jewish people.   How many whites must be beaten, ‘knocked out’, raped, robbed, murdered before Foxman will report THAT?  Why were attacks provoked against black people important, but attacks against white Christians NOT important????  Do not get massive exposure??

  Sorry, Jewish friends.. I care about people.   And, the person/people do not have to only be Jewish.   If I see any person, whatever color – getting beaten for no reason, it makes me sick.   As much as I despise militant ‘gay’, I will even defend that against attack.   But, Foxman only cares about Jews (sometimes) and blacks.  Period.  That’s all that matters to this windbag.  He is a lying hypocrite.

By the way…..Has Abe Foxman done anything to report how radical Nazis/fascists have taken power in Ukraine and oppress Jews and Christians, there???   I smell bullsh*t.