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Mr. Putin Calls on World Leaders to Unite to End the Persecution of Christians

There is an evil spirit that is taunting people who admire Putin and Russia–I even had a dream about it last year–that Russian propaganda would be ‘in ya face’ daily – and it is.

  • Mr. Putin wants to HELP Christians. It’s not a ‘schtick.’  And “Christians” in America are against that? HUH!?  They are judging Mr. Putin just *BECAUSE* he is a leader.  Many leaders through the Torah, Tanakh and even New Testament were not evil and did not do evil in the sight of the LORD.
  • Those who do right in Gods sight must be prayed for and respected.
  • ‘Vladimir Putin Calls on World Leaders to Unite to End the Persecution of Christians’
  • Putins fruits, actions, deeds are showing him to be an individual that cares about the Christian people. In my opinion, caring about Christians is the SAME as caring about the Jewish people because the Christians have been ADOPTED into Judaism’s roots.

I dont see Obama, the Muslim, Communist drek helping out Christians, anywhere.

Of course Putin is not “G”od but he is a good leader.  He is even supporting a decent Egyptian as president into the Egyptian govt after the colossal mess that Obama/McCain perpetrated:  The cabal of insane US politicians destroyed their country.  And, America has NO repentance or remorse about that, none.

An art collage from November 2013