Juan McCain Wants Borders Closed Re. Russia/Ukraine But Not America/Mexico

Juan McCain Wants Borders Closed Re. Russia/Ukraine but Not America/Mexico

If it walks like a Communist, talks like a Communist and acts like a Communist, it IS a Communist.

Someone should put this bastard in a body bag…

Moonbattery is reporting that Juan wants to name amnesty after Kennedy: McCain Wants to Name Amnesty After Ted Kennedy

‘Given that the backstabbing “maverick” John McCain has emerged as an important ally of Barack Obama, you may wonder if he can be considered a Republican in any meaningful sense.’ McCain is right that it would be appropriate to name an amnesty bill after Chappaquiddick Ted, if not Benedict Arnold.

This poor thing (above) doesn’t get that Republicans are just Democrats.  All of them (except 2-3) are in it together to destroy, destroy, destroy.  What gets me, though, is so many ‘conservatives’ are for John McCain’s war against Russia.  So, you know what that means?  We are getting what we’ve got coming because some of you are too damned stupid to even GET what happened with Ukraine and McCain the Insane.  So, suck it up morons, we’re only getting what we deserve for craving a war against Russia for no interest.  Natures laws of cause/effect…

Obama is bad enough, but imagine if this yo-yo was El Presidente’?  He would have been just as bad.

An art collage from November 2013

The whole west is on suicide watch.


6 thoughts on “Juan McCain Wants Borders Closed Re. Russia/Ukraine But Not America/Mexico

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  2. { …………………so many ‘conservatives’ are for John McCain’s war against Russia.}

    It has always been FOLLOW THE MONEY. Since 1947. War means money rolling into Congress bank a/cs.

    Somebody should tell the very stupid American congress and its military industrial complex that Russia thanks the stupid American people for electing 0bama as potus.


    a) Crimea is back in the arms of Mother Russia

    b) Sanctions: made it possible for Vlad to do what he could not have done before: SCARE Russians away from western banks into Russian banks or off-shores

    c) Create an alternative SWIFT, more efforts into exporting gas to China (1 trillion deal to be signed in May , la de dum) and the rest of Asia

    d) Force Russia to deploy more powerful military capabilities on its western borders (Iskanders in Kalingrad, Tu-22M3s in Crimea)

    e) Reduce Russian tourism abroad and send it to Russian regions

    f) Russia’s new gold-denominated global banking alternative to SWIFT. Will have other BRICS nations (Brazil, India, China, and South Africa) that have unanimously and, in many ways, forcefully backed Russia’s position on Crimea against both the US and EU.
    Russian economist Glazyev and politician Rogozin who have lobbied hard for such measures since many years are absolutely delighted with the current situation. Now, there is some serious talk in Russia about withdrawing from many key military treaties (strategic nuclear, conventional, nuclear verification, etc.) or even the WTO (unlikely).

    You see, readers dear, the US needs Russia to safely get its “boys” out of Afghanistan, the US fully depends on Russia to get an astronaut into space, not the other way round.
    Perhaps the US Congress would send Lunatic geriatric senile McCain to Afghanistan , wag his finger at the Taliban and get the 90,000 American soliders excluding NATO’s murderers out of that graveyard?

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  4. Nigel Farage of UKIP says PUNKS are running Britain. And he has more Respect for Vladimir Putin than the Liars/War thirsty jackals of Britain.

    Paul Craig Roberts says Lunatics/Psychopaths wallowing in Lies run America.

    And out here we say: The Ugly Evil of America laid bare.

    13 years & $100 billion after US entry, Afghanistan faces total devastation

    Putin killed no one and built infrastructure. The americans built nothing, killed many and destroyed much. More than a million were slaughtered in Iraq. Christians are targetted and slaughtered in Syria, by America.

    America needs its traitors like McCain for propaganda. Amerikaners have a need for the likes of McCain. that’s why the scumbag is elected.

    Those whom God wish to destroy, He first make mad. And Amerikaners are literally insane. Save 1%.

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