Some Questions On The 2014 FT HOOD Shooting: What REALLY Happened?

Some Questions On The 2014 FT HOOD Shooting:


Yesterday, there was a lot of news regarding Ft Hood in my feed.  It had to do with a terrorist attack, Islamic style.

Because our government is power mad and insane, I hardly ever believe the ‘official’ story they submit when attacks like this occur.  I believe that the media is run by government operatives and they cover-up so many stories like West, TX, Sandy Hook and also the Boston bombing.  One thing we DO know about these events:  They HAVE happened.  But, just what happened?  I don’t believe we will ever know.  If it was a Muslim Jihadist, I can believe that Barack Hussein Obama could cover that up.  After all, he is a Communist with an affinity for Islam.  Don’t believe?  Just take a good look at Egypt, Libya and Syria…

So, here are some questions these young men ask:

Its up to you to ask your own questions.  OR, believe the government media.

FBI, military hunt ex-Army recruit suspected of plotting ‘Ft. Hood-inspired jihad’ CLICK

Shooting at Fort Hood: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: CLICK


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    Personally, I believe what just happened at Fort Hood, was not terrorism. It really was a tragedy of mental issues of an Emotionally Disturbed Person. Really sad, and the guy belonged to America. I can only hope, that members of the armed forces and veterans, receive much better care than anything that has been so far given. What happened, was even beyond Obama. Not being happy with Obama, all of us, have a common grievance, but it would be wrong to smear the guy with something beyond his control or doing. I believe that the official investigation will support my views. We dropped the ball on this one, the soldier should have received much better diagnostic and other care as appropriate for his condition.

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