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Blaine Cooper Found Craigs List Ad: “Role Players For Military Mock Simulated Drill At Ft. Hood” Posted 20+ Days Ago

You remember Blaine Cooper?  That patriot who royally told off John McCain up in Prescott, AZ?  Well, look what he found on Craigs List regarding Ft Hood:  He also called the # on the ad:

The Craigs List Ads:

Looks to me like another Sandy Hook….This is information for you to decipher.  You already know my thoughts:  I rarely ever believe the main stream media-AND, I didn’t do this to myself… I am a ‘product of my society.’   So, you determine what you will and discern this as you shall.   I know one thing: I trust a fellow American patriot before I will ever trust this sick government.   I know another shooting at FT Hood happened.  But, just what happened?  Don’t know and probably never will.   Please pray for Blaine Cooper, he lives a short distance from us: