Sen Inhofe Lying. Saying Moldova “Vulnerable” To Russian Aggression: Maldova Is Vulnerable To McCain/Nuland & Co.

Sen Inhofe Lying. Saying Moldova “Vulnerable” To Russian Aggression. Moldova Is Vulnerable To John McCain & Co.

McCain as Gene Simmons

IF John McCain and Victoria Nuland do what they did in Kiev – to Moldova, Russia will be forced to react.  That’s the facts.  Eastern EU is vulnerable to NATO aggression not Russian aggression.  IF Russia wanted to be aggressive against these little countries, it would have done so years ago.

  • Senate Seeks to Warn Russia Over Looming Invasion of Moldova:  A new resolution being circulated by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R., Okla.) among members of the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) demands that Russia remove all of “its military forces and material” from Moldova’s territory, according to a draft copy of the measure obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

See what I wrote here:  ARIZONA’s #McCainTheInsane Worried About Moldova. He Met With Their Statesmen In 2011, 2012

And, just guess who was in Moldova on March 30.. None other than F’ck the EU, Victoria Nuland:

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (left) and Moldovan Foreign Minister Natalia Gherman at a press conference in Chisinau on March 30

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (left) and Moldovan Foreign Minister Natalia Gherman at a press conference in Chisinau on March 30.  Visiting U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland has said that Washington will provide $10 million to Chisinau to help secure the country’s borders:  US Pledges Moldovan Border Aid

Gee….so many protests with pretend dictators & tyrants that we’ve never heard about but I bet we will soon.. The ‘Protesters’ threw bricks at riot police who responded with batons and water cannon. Outnumbered, police retreated, leaving rioters to enter the parliament building and presidential offices where they smashed windows and started fires. Photo

See images of the chaos »  Look familiar???  Looks like Kiev..

Protest  in Chisinau denouncing a Communist election victory in Moldova

Moldoavn police officers fight with demonstrators

They say it was an ‘anti Communist’ protest.. Was that to get the sympathy of EU ‘conservatives’ and American Republicans?  Moldova should fear John McCain and Victoria Nuland.  When they come to town, you should run for cover as fast as you can.  Stay with the devil you know instead of joining the devil you don’t know.


13 thoughts on “Sen Inhofe Lying. Saying Moldova “Vulnerable” To Russian Aggression: Maldova Is Vulnerable To McCain/Nuland & Co.

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  3. Oh, the US Congress of Scumbags want to warn Russia? Hello, this is Russia we are talking about. Russia that has China guarding its back. As well as the rest of the BRICS nations.

    The question here is: WHY is america and its European colonies (ALL of West Europe are America’s colonies since 1945) surrounding Russia with missile defense shields?

    WHY does America renege on its word that it would disband NATO after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the restof the world did not see Russia expanding and surrounding nations, nor threatening the rest of the world with missile defense shields. BUT, the rest of the world saw Aemrica’s Murdering Ram NATO , by 2009 expand to 28 countries. The purpose of which was to conquer Russia and LOOT its immeasurable Wealth.

  4. The US is deemed the biggest threat to the world by a whole 24 percent of people around the globe, a poll by the reputed Gallup International suggests.
    In almost all global macroregions the US tops the list of the most threatening countries.
    Russia trails well behind all the rest of the “most threatening” countries. It was Russia that fought against Nazism. Russia lost 20 million men to defeat Nazism. Not America. Not Britain. Russia’s history shows the nation was attacked for the last 100 years by the oh so democracy, human rights, utterly, utterly EVIL West.

    What the entire world faces, every country, every individual regardless of their political orientation, is a Washington-engineered confrontation with Russia and China. It is the West that is directly attacking foreign countries by arming and indoctrinating thousands of people who are then paid to overthrow governments and political systems. And the citizens of Europe and North America approve and demand that their governments and companies continue fighting undeclared wars and committing acts of terrorism all over the world, with total impunity. Why? Because they demand they, the citizens have a right to live in luxury, while others should die.
    You want proof? Ever wondered from where all that wealth that allowed Europe to build lavish palaces, theatres, museums, public buildings came from?
    Of course it came, and is still coming, from the blood of oppressed people, from their hard labor for a pittance, from their sweat, from their humiliation. Africa is Prime Example of Europe’s Avarice, Greed, Murder & Plunder.

    In reading History, one finds that each European nation outdoes the other in the slaughter of innocents to fill the stomachs of their parasite populace. Last 500 years.

    Care to debate, any America, European? I’d like to skin you alive., with HISTORY.

  5. I know, QV.
    You should hear the names I am called for ‘worshiping’ Putin.

    Here is one thing about me:
    When I see wrong, I call it out.

    When I see right, I will stand with it.

  6. Ever visited the palace of Catherine the Great ? Or The Kremlin? There is not a single palace in all of Europe to match the magnificence of the palaces of Russia. And there is nothing that ragbag america, totally uncultured, definitely barbaric, would like to sit in the Kremlin and call it their own.

    Too bad. America will soon be defeated, if already not, and Russia will go from Heights of Glory . People should know their place. But as the sage Chou En Lai said: “One of the delightful things about America is that they have absolutely no historical memory.”

  7. Take heart MJ. You have psychopaths and murderers surrounding you. America is now Satan’s kingdom.

    Keep exposing, writing the Truth. The God above takes note. And that’s what matters.

  8. That is not enough for America nor Amerikaners. 0bama sends his deadly drones to murder innocents at weddings, prayer meetings, and calls it: hunting for terrorists.

    The United States Is Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading to the Poor, U.N. Report Charges

    So, what will you now do 0 america? Bomb the UN?

  9. AND, they have me monitored SO bad right now, QV. Just a couple hundred hits. I have a stat meter set up for me in Israel and it shows that we have btwn 25K-38K in stats on a SLOW day.
    Its frustrating as anything

    BUT, look at this LOL!!!!!

    Russian MP calls to close all McDonald’s in Russia and then proceed to Pepsi
    Read more:

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