#WhitePrivilege: White Man Beaten By A Mob Of Obama’s Sons & Elderly White Male 83 Brutally Attacked

#WhitePrivilege: White Man Beaten By A Mob Of Obama’s Sons & Elderly White Male 83 Brutally Attacked

The main stream says these racial attacks are just fabricated.  On Genocide watch, key point in ethnic cleansing is denial.

  • Acorn Scums = BLACKS
    Obamacare Navigator Scums = BLACKS
    Mobs Robbing Stores = BLACKS
    Mob Beatings = BLACKS
    Knockout Game Assaulting & Killing People = BLACKS
    Lazy Welfare Mooches = BLACKS
    Car Jackers = BLACKS
    IQ Far Below Average = BLACKS
    Rapists = BLACKS
    Murderers = BLACKS
    Destroyers of Neighborhoods = BLACKS
    Gimmiedats = BLACKS
    The Real Racists = BLACKS
    Why People Need Concealed Carry Permits = BLACKS
    Unknown Baby Daddies = BLACKS
    Drug Dealers = BLACKS
    Sons and Daughters of Ham = BLACKS
    Cursed by Noah to be the ‘Servants of Servants’ = BLACKS
    Destroyers of Nations Worldwide = BLACKS
    98% Who Voted For Obama Only Because He’s Black = BLACKS
    Will Murder you for your Sneakers = BLACKS
    Will Murder you for your Cellphone = BLACKS
    Destroyers of America = BLACKS

    Think about it.

    David Ben Moshe


14 thoughts on “#WhitePrivilege: White Man Beaten By A Mob Of Obama’s Sons & Elderly White Male 83 Brutally Attacked

  1. VIDEO: 4 Black Suspects Sought In Brick Attack On White Female Student In North Philadelphia
    PHILADELPHIA — Detectives with the Philadelphia Police Department have released surveillance video in hopes that the public can help identify the group of teenage girls that hit a 19-year-old woman in the face with a brick as she walked with her boyfriend. Authorities say the woman was walking with her boyfriend on Norris Street around 6 p.m. on Friday when four girls believed to be between 16 and 17-years-old approached from behind. One of the girls hit the victim in the face with a brick at the intersection of 17th and Norris Streets, while the three other girls tried to rob the victim’s boyfriend. After the attack, the suspects ran and were last seen boarding a SEPTA bus headed south on 17th Street. The victim was taken to Hahnemann Hospital where she was treated for dislocated teeth and other injuries to her face.

  2. This is my reply on the CBS local Detroit about the mob attack. I was responding to a post from a person saying we need to be united no matter what we are or what we look like;
    In a perfect world, I would be the first to stand with you. In the real world people with your views are being taking advantage of. The Travon Martin case is just one example. The NAACP and the media portrayed George Zimmerman as racist vigilante who murdered a 12 year old boy. That is not what happened, but so many hate him because that is what they were told to believe. The personalities who beat this man are more wide spread then this. United we stand doesn’t work when some of the people “standing with us” sole purpose for “standing with us” is sedition.

    When I first started blogging about the double standard, I quickly found my self turning into what I was fighting against. The Jew who was fighting against National Socialism, found himself adapting the same attributes as The National Socialist. I had to reevaluate my strategy so I didn’t continue down that path. Because is the biggest mistake humanity makes is turning into what we are fighting against. After all humans like many other creatures with an animal soul, are pack animals. We always put our pack, whether it is our family, friends, community, nationality, race, or any other way you view your pack, ahead of the next pack. A connection to this, is how people will only do what they can get away with, “it is not illegal if you don’t get caught.” The race card “because I am black” has been used so much, it is being abused. We the people did it to ourselves, we didn’t want to be labeled a racist and this is the end result.

    Now with our current National Socialist Administration, what was being used to defend is now being used to attack. The only explanation of justice system ignoring these racially explicit attacks is the current administration. That leaves the public with few options. One of them is to take their own safety in to their own hands. But, we need to carefully not to be like them. If they choose to be animals doesn’t mean we need to be like then. To win, we just need to not loose. At only 15% of the population, simply not allow this to go on will end this.

    Expounding a little on my first paragraph, white privileges. Hitler called it Jewish Privileges. Today so many face simulator social and economic hardships. Again the strategy is misdirection, blaming your problems on someone else. After all Jews know a thing or two about how Europeans are. I will just go back to Constantine. We have been stepped on so much, recovery has become a “work of art.” Jews, look out for one another. Also, education is embedded in who we are. Torah, Torah, Torah migrated into college, college, college. Diversifying your skill set is how you recover from economic hardships. Throw in a little cooperation, and what do you know. A recovery plan for social and economic hardships.

    That being said, if the strategy is to continue to attempt the mistakes of the past. To the people arguing against white privileges, all I have to say is, our pledge of Never Again. Doesn’t only mean never again only to us, but never again period.

  3. Amen, Nathaniel.
    I look out for Jews as long as they are not enabling black Nazis or national Socialism. Then, they can go straight to hell.

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