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The Pro Fascist Homosexual Gestapo Force Christian Couple To Pay $6837- Fine Over Filming “Wedding”

This is your “Christian” America?  This is not Christian America or Judeo-Christian America, its SodoMeriKa.  When the homosexuals have the rights and you have none because your faith says that sex before marriage and homosexual  relations are wrong–TOO BAD, you marry these militants. Hear me?  You do as your told or else.

How would these Liberal fascists and Homosexual fascists like it if we FORCED them to be Baptized or FORCED them to become Bat/Bar Mitzvah’d  and become an Orthodox Jew?

Today the US Supreme Court announced it will not hear a case on whether a New Mexico wedding photographer was within her rights when she refused to work at a same-sex ceremony. The penalty stands.
USA Today reported. (Jim Hoft)

Why did the homosexual militants wait so many years to marry each-other and force their way in the courts against the will of the people?  They waited for an immoral, gay President so they could shove their show on you.

I have many friends that are gay and they bother NOBODY.  What these militants have done to this couple is FASCISM. Period.

This should be SodoMerika’s new anthem:

If you want to read a book about leaving militant homosexuality: No, I Was Not Born Gay!