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Miss C-Diff’s Blues… And Why I Do Not Want ONE More Immigrant In This Land.  If ANY politician is for MORE immigration, he will not EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER get my vote. EVER. Traitor.  And, if YOU are for more immigrants, just dont come near me.

An art collage from April 2014

As most of you know, I had my gall bladder removed.  While I was having my gall bladder removed, I developed a spore.  This spore is called C-diff.  It is a killer spore which almost cannot be killed.  This spore is from India (Its not that I don’t like Indians, that’s not my point)

 At any rate, this spore has a casing around it and there are millions of them and they multiply fast.  They hatch and agitate your intestines (The same way the left uses the race card).  The symptoms are horrible, non-stop diarrhea, serious abdominal pain, high fever, low blood pressure (mine was 76/44, in the hospital), headaches, super weak, and butt hole burn (HORRIBLE).  Yes, I have a deductible but I am on a $2700- anti-biotic.  I will be sick for weeks.   It takes a month to fully recover from this infectious disease.

Is that the kind of life you want for you and your children?  Hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospital bills? Huge deductibles and massive sickness?  Insurance rates & premiums going higher because of more horrible diseases?

This disease is from a FOREIGN country and its here now and becoming more and more common because we let the 3rd world in.  What the stupid liberal morons dont get is that the 3rd world has diseases that we don’t have.  If the 3rd world were to be populated with Americans, they would get OUR issues.  But, liberals dont get this because they are stupid.  They LOVVVVEEEE everyone, and so do I, but God made continents and he made these continents for people to inhabit and stay there.   We used to quarantine people to save the folks that were here hundreds of years but we don’t do that because liberals care nothing for this nation and its people. They only care for their ‘utopian’, hell-hole cause.

If one wants to ‘leave his country for a better life’, that just means he/she has absolutely no faith in God to bless him/her where they reside.    I don’t want to see more sick people in this land . And, I am tired of foreign diseases that are almost incurable to us because it is not a homegrown disease & we don’t know how to cure it.