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The Whole West Is On Suicide Watch. Part I

Contributed by Mr. Mad Jewess, David Ben Moshe-

When we say ‘west,’ we mean white European countries, Australia, New Zealand, The US, Canada and Israel, who are all in trouble after decades of moral and monetary decay and probably worst of all, allowing a flood of third worlders in.  In the article below, when I refer to the US, you can also see very similar situations in other western countries.

Western nations had colonies for centuries, colonies all over the third world, colonies that brought back resources that the third world had no use for, back to the homeland. These white countries built cities and brought modernization to the third world, but most of all, these white countries knew how to deal with third world savages. Some dealt with them in a furious manner while other countries, like England, seemed to be very stern in a polite sophisticated way. In any event, when we said ‘the world’ we usually meant just those countries listed above. The rest were irrelevant.

As the United States was rising to the top like a comet, the European nations were all becoming the sick old men of Europe. That’s what Turkey was called as World War 1 began.

First, the European nations lost their empires but allowed the third worlders, formerly under them, to immigrate to the European nation that controlled their third world home.   Then in 1965, Ted and Robert Kennedy came up with a bill that would change our immigration policy of 100,000 per year, almost all white to 1,000,000 million per year with 85% from the non white. After decades of that, it finally caught up with us.

Did no one understand, at the time, what year after year of third world immigration would do to these advanced countries? Third world countries look the way they do because the people that live there aren’t capable of anything more, and now they are here in the tens of millions.  With few exceptions, third worlders are incapable of competing on a level playing field, or playing field of any type, with whites. That’s why we have Affirmative Action-to push the unqualified ahead of the well qualified, and make it appear that we are all equal.

Speaking of blacks only, in the late 1960s Rabbi Kahane warned that if we mix with blacks we will not bring them up to our level. On the contrary, they will drag us down to their level. Today, its far more than just blacks. We have Hispanics also destroying our country and Muslims whom as a religion are out to destroy and murder.  We have left wing Jews who undermine government.  The black and Hispanic street gangs write their names and gang names all over the walls, just like an animal marking its territory.  We have arrivals who never saw a toilet bowl before. I am sure they will do well here. Most of these third world dumbbells are takers, incapable of being makers. They come here not wanting to learn our language or our customs, but expect us to lower ourselves to the way things were in their former countries.

Our totally out of touch government forces us to respect these third world cultures as if it were the equal to our own and to push these savages along. Special consideration is given to these morons in almost everything, while whites are branded as evil and not really part of the new America, or the new England or the new France.

Did we, the people, invite them here? Did we open our doors and welcome them saying come and change our culture? Come and change our standards? Come with your hand out and we will take care of you—no need for you to work? In England, piggy banks and the British Flag, the Union Jack, are banned for fear of offending Muslims.

The west is finished, including the USA. The entire west has sent its industry to Asia. We are a shell of what we once were, but we still have a first world infrastructure holding us up. Eventually that will collapse too as we bend over backwards for everything perverse and third world.