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JEWS Under McCains/Obama’s New Leadership In Donetsk, Ukraine Forced To Register

If McCain had never interfered in the first place regarding the affairs of Ukraine, would we see this?


jews not allowed sign


Another clusterf’ck of a miserable failure in foreign affairs under Obama and his war-hawk buddy:  John McCain.  I told everyone from the beginning that Jews would come under this type of atmosphere in Ukraine and I was called a “Russian propagandist.”  Will Pill O’Reilly bring this up tonight on the BS factor?  Or just more “Putin is a thug” garbage??  When will Americans sit down and say: “Man, we are f’king up the world.”  WHEN?  When will you get that we actually are the imperialist monster they accuse us of?  My guess is never–not until nukes land in California.

 Commenter says the paper says this:

I am able to read that document. What it says is that Jews supported the Junta in Kiev (the Bandera fascists) and are hostile to the Orthodox Republic of Donetsk and it’s citizens, and therefore must register or be expelled from the Republic and have their property confiscated.

See here: Crimea – Ukraine- Russia Crisis – Live Updates.  HT: IsraelMatzav.