An art collage from March 2014Wisteria Princess,  P. AsheDina, TMJ  2014

So, Im sitting here, just relaxing from last weeks hell.  The vanco-myacin is working, but I am going to ask them to wean me off of the med, because this C-Diff is horrible.  I don’t want to get it again.  The realization of this evil spore is that you can keep getting sick with it if you do not improve your immune system with excellent foods, which I have been doing.

At any rate:  I want you all to know that I believe John McCain and his pals want to start WW3 over Ukraine and the only thing that stupid Obama did that was half way decent is that he sent the opposition some humanitarian aid.  We should not be sending ANY weapons to the Ukrainians.  Why would any person want WW3 with Russia?  Russia is not a Communist country anymore, it is Orthodox Christian.  When I was in the hospital, a male nurse tried to tell me that Russia is a Communist country.. I asked him if Russia is still the USSR, he replied “NO.” DUH……!   

In the last 20 years, Vladimir Putin and other leaders have worked hard to turn that nation away from its dark past.  They have a dark past, folks…We have a dark future and its high time for Americans to stop ranting against the rest of the world and look in a mirror.

Regardless, I am still tired and a little under the weather, weak.  So, I will just rest and relax if you don’t mind.

Enjoy the Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz: