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Liar, Abe Foxman Accuses Putin Of Playing “Anti Semitic Card”

Abraham H. Foxman,  National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, wrote that Putin is playing the Anti Semitism card. What bullsh-t! The rest of us know that Organised Jewry under America’s Robert Kagan and that bitch Victoria Nudelman do not give a damn about the well-being or safety of the average NON-POLITICISED JEW. America has many, many juderat Rabbis who malign Israel and arselick Palis.

History records more Jews get assaulted or killed as direct results of the criminally reckless policies of the leaders of leftist organized Jewry – the better for the latter, from 135Ad to the present time. It is not surprising to learn from history the German Jewish elite cut a deal with the Nazis to exterminate “Slavic” Jews in order to save themselves.   Similarly, Bleich, Zissels & other “VPs” in Ukraine are a bunch of judenrat, kapo traitors who sold Ukrainian Jews. No jew-hate? They stabbed jews, nazi marches, terror, swastikas & SS insignia by armed thugs is nothing???  Replace fake rabbis & self-proclaimed imposter “leaders” who lick neo-nazis’ boots!!! These judenrats condemned Putin for speaking out against AntiSemitism and branded Ukraine’s new authorities as fascists backed by anti-Jewish militants.

In today’s Russia one of the most popular TV show host is Vladimir Soloviev (here) who not only is Jewish, which he always reminds his audience of, but who even was a member of the Executive Council of the Russian Jewish Congress. And yet, he is a proud and outspoken Russian patriot, he fully supports Putin and, which is far more important, Russian policies, especially in the Ukraine. He categorically denies that there is anti-Semitism in Russia (except for the few, always inevitable, psychos) and he has immense respect for the Orthodox Church.

In his Passover greetings, Putin praised the Jewish community for its contribution to strengthening inter-ethnic and inter-religious dialogue in Russia, cementing trust and understanding between people, promoting civil peace and accord and helping to instill mercy and charity in younger generations.

Contributed by QV36