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Why Is McCain The Insane Still Calling The Crimea Vote An “Illegal Annexation?” They Voted To JOIN Russia

NO WWIII with Russia.


Crimea voted to JOIN Russia.  Why is this senile, old fool still calling their vote an illegal annexation?  He is dying to get us into WWIII.  Here is the buffoon’s comment on his website (April 16):

“We are visiting the Baltic countries this week to consult with our allies about how we must respond together to Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea, its ongoing military intervention in eastern Ukraine, and its other efforts to pressure its neighbors, including in this region. We see the ongoing crisis in Ukraine as you and our other Baltic allies do: It means the United States, Europe, and NATO cannot continue with business as usual.”

NO, McCain, this is none of your damned business and had you not went into Ukraine, there would not be this mess in Kiev at all.  If there is one thing that the military industrial complex is excellent at:  lying, war propaganda.   There were 135 independent observers from 23 countries[who?] who found the referendum (vote to join RU) fair and legitimate.   Yet, McCain the insane says it is an ‘illegal annexation.’  He says it because he is an instigating moonbat.  McCain needs to be sent to the wacky ward.