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China: Shut Up, U.S.A. We Can Kick Your A$$, US Marines Like ‘Marching Band’, Now

There was a quote in the movie “The Devils advocate” when the Pacino character (Ha’Satan) was conversing with his new protege (Keanu Reeves).  Reeves was losing a battle in court and his wife was going nuts.  Pacino told the formidable lawyer, Reeves: “Maybe its just you’re time to lose.” 

And, THAT is what is happening in America.  It/s our time to lose.  It does not make me happy to say this.  I didn’t grow up in a losing country.  I have had to swallow this bitter pill because this is NOT my America, anymore.  I don’t know what the hell it is, but it is not America.  

China can easily place 200 million on a battle field, people. 200 million.  So, get armed.  The future is uncertain.


A casual remark by a U.S. general during a breakfast has made China mad, really mad, and Beijing’s response is far less than civil and humble.

On April 11, Marine Corps Lt. Gen. John Wissler, commander of the 18,000 Marines in Okinawa, Japan, told reporters at a Washington breakfast meeting that the Marines in the Pacific would quickly retake the Senkaku island group and return it to Japan if China were to invade it.

Read more: At The WA TIMES (I’m banned there)


Let me tell you.. China hates America and we are their sworn enemy because we do not pay our debt.  Here is anti American propaganda the Chinese draw:

And, just who is going to stop all the madness and order things aright? Obama?  Sure.. Next week after the fire.