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And, this is where he belongs:

An art collage from November 2013I looked up the word garbage and this is what it says:

  • Any matter that is no longer wanted or needed; trash.
  • Anything that is contemptibly worthless, inferior, or vile: There’s nothing but garbage on TV tonight.
  • Worthless talk; lies; foolishness

Yep, that’d be Harry Reid.

He is claiming & even doubling down on his accusation that Mormon people (At the bundy Ranch) in NV who are NON violent are ‘domestic terrorists.’  Talk about projection.  How many lefty terrorists are there now?  I lose count:

Aaron Alexis: Black, Obama-voting terrorist who shot up the Navy Yard.

Karl Pierson:  Socialist Liberal who shot up a school and murdered children.

Joe Stack: Shot up the IRS building.  Was a Marxist, anti-capitalist.

[Unabomber Ted] Kaczynski: Eco terrorist, leftist.

Bill Ayers:  Communist, leftist bomber.

Brett Kimberlain: Leftist bomber

The 4 Ohio bomb plotters were Occupy Wall Street, left-wing anarchist, terrorists.

Frazier Glenn Miller: Democrat Nazi who shot and killed Christians at a Jewish community center.

Sandy Hoax: Adam Lanza had computer files on the rights of pedophiles and instant messages about homosexual fantasies

ETC, ETC, ETC since the 1880’s.

Why give audience to this Communist filth?  What is he now? 105 years old?  Even turns on his Mormon brothers. Sick, demented, lunatic.