Thinking About You Miss Loopy-Lou…!

Loopy is going through radiation and another round of chemo.. so, I am making a post to cheer her up, although she looks pretty cheery to me after reading her tweets!  God bless you, Loopy.  Sorry I don’t get around as I used to, have had my own round of health issues.  So, here are prayers for your health and the health of all the bloggers that are unwell.  Miss Zilla also   😀

As we sit on our keyboards, our minds drift to the awesome power of God. 

We see pictures in great display on google images but those pictures are nothing compared to his glory and strength.

His power can be witnessed in the kindness of typists wishing their best to us in dark times.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes to get us through the day: A word, a thought, a prayer from the cyber world.

So, we pray/daven for strength, peace, health, and joy through tough times for LoopyLou, God’s special blogger.


G-d, G-d, mighty, merciful and gracious, long – suffering, and abundant in love and truth, keeping truth for thousands of generations, forgiving iniquity, transgression, and sin, and Who erases.

Yours, Lord, is the greatness, the strength, the splendor, the victory and the glory; for everything in heaven and earth is Your Kingdom; God Who is exalted above every leader. And in Your hand is the soul of every living thing and the spirit of all mortal men. And in Your hand is the power to make great, to strengthen and to cure every person, even one who is crushed, crushed to the very depths of his soul.

Nothing is unknown to You, and in Your hand is the soul of every living thing. Therefore may it be Your will, O trustworthy God, Merciful Father, Healer of all illnesses of Your people:  the One Who dresses the wounds of beloved ones with healing balms, and Who redeems His devout ones, and Who delivers the souls of His servants.

Song for you, Loopy:

Love, Me