An art collage from April 2013

I mixed this digi-art last year.

I am still so tired from this 3rd world spore.  I AM feeling better, though.  Doctors gave me another 10 days of anti biotics because this is a difficult spore to rid ones body of.

Anyway, I am frustrated with the TV news, the country, the insanity in eastern EU that USA/EU started.  Seems that I am shouting from the roof-tops about the scenario over there and nobody wants to listen because they have it in their stupid heads that Russia and Putin are the aggressors and the USA is sooooooooo innocent.  (Gag)  I have been reporting this craziness since Nov 2013, not them, but they know it ALL…

That’s my little rant.  I want to thank Grumpy for noticing that I do my homework on Eastern EU.   AND, I hope you all have a nice day.   I am too tired today to do much.  I need more rest. 

It’s a long way there…..