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If Vladimir Putin Was A Black Man, America Would WORSHIP Him

Mah Nigga….Putin be chillin!

If Putin was black, he could do no wrong.  If he really DID go into the Eastern European countries and was venomously aggressive, Americans would praise him to the skies.   They would not call him Hitler, they would call him their Messiah.    Americans would sing songs to him and advise him to take over all of the Soviet bloc (The same one NATO is expanding).  They would give him billions of dollars and NEVER sanction him.   Americans would bow down and worship Putin’s blackness.   They would say: “Well, you’re just taking back a country that oppressed their 5% blacks for 1000 years.”  Americans would write lousy rap & hip’hop songs in his honor..  They would help him write affirmative action laws causing whites & Christians to be miserable in Russia.   Yes, Putin would be respected and admired above ALL leaders in the world. Yo dog..

But, Putin is not black, he is a white Christian.  And, solely for THAT reason, America hates him because America despises whites who love God. 


Liberal OR Conservative:  Americans worship blacks and hate whites and allow whites to die horrible deaths here in the great USSA without a peep from the main stream media. If it was reported, they’d be called racists.

Another opinion:

A truly demonic and ruthless Christian-hater George Soros is the emissary designate appointed by this evil empire to orchestrate the demise and final subjugation of the United States and her population, and they are 90% there. How was this be accomplished? By destroying the sanctity of the family and Christendom. They took control by divesting the people of their money and power by emptying the treasury and taking control of the economy.  [Obama Care – The Sunsteins & Emanuel]

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