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Asia Delivers Scathing Attack Against Obama. Phillipinos Tell Barack To Get Out Of Their Country

Is the whole world wrong over US foreign policy and only America is right?  Countries are SICK of our screwed up wars, drones and Obama madness.   Insanity like this:  Benghazi Committee- US Switched sides in ‘war on terror’ and gave 500 million USD to Al Qaeda in Libya.   Here is the PDF file on the Benghazi committee report:  CLICK

Committee on Benghazi : US ‘switched sides in the War on Terror’ by facilitating $500 MILLION in weapons deliveries to Libyan al-Qaeda militias, leading to Benghazi attack – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/#sthash.35Krxrac.dpuf

This is a Jonah day for his imperial majesty, Barack Hussein Obama.  He has been rebuked by 300 German intellectuals for his SNAFU policies in Ukraine.  The former Czech President places sole blame on the US Govt and EU for it’s aggression in Ukraine and now the Phillipinos tell the monster to get out of their country and Asia delivers a scathing rebuke against our dear leader.

Is this just more jealousy over American exceptionalism?? I DONT think so..This idiot needs to go and throw McCain in there while you’re at it.

Click:  Obama Asia tour starts with scathing attack by China state media

Phillipino protesters:  Riot police clash with anti-Obama protesters in Philippines

Obama is hated and everyone in the whole, wide world is a racist for deploring this poor asshole.

I wrote this last yr and was called an ‘evil Ku Klux Klan racist..’ (SMH)  Obama The Insane Is HATED All Over The World.

Will Obama’s lap-dog media show this on TV?  Nope, that’s racist, too & blame George Bush.  You may have the sheep here at home stupified, LEFTISTS but the whole world is on to you & the dirt bag in the White House..