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If Bundy Is A Racist Or Not, The Issue Is Federal Fascism Vs. We The People, Not Race Relations

It is OK for blacks to murder, rape and rob whites, but NOT ok to say the word ‘Negro.’

The only law of the land is the unwritten law of the radical, left-wing.  If you say something they ‘believe’ is racist, xeno, etc, they will bury you and your life is over.  Even though it is not against the written law of the land to speak your mind, freely, as even ‘hate speech’ is protected by the Constitution.

The Communist left, (Who have always been anti-Feds, anti-Cops) are suddenly pro-cops, pro-feds.  Many of us have woken up to federal over-reach and many of us have seen it for decades.  But, now the left-wing finds a video of Bundy talking about Negroes and ‘that’s racist’ even though the NY Times has used the word Negro over 2000x in the past few years.  Pot, Kettle, black much?

The issue is not race-relations.  The issue is federal over-reach.  If the right gets in power again, the left will be against the feds, against us and the cycle of stupid will continue.

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