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Is USA Now At War With Russia Without Permission Of We The People??

There is no reason for us to be in Ukraine.

Why are our men going to be sent to fight and die for John McCain, Nuland and Obama (So Barack can look tough?)   The other day, RU said that “We can be friends again”, America/EU/NATO responded with a warship of 600 troops sent to the Black Sea.  I want to tell you that 600 men are NO match to the Russians who will bring in up to 35K men and they can because that is part of a referendum that Ukraine and Russia have.

   Do you understand that your young men will die for nothing?  We are supposed to go to war when our nation is attacked.  Our nation has not been attacked by ANY country or enemy since 9-11-01.  Yet, we war all over the earth.  For what?  It is not to secure our Constitution or borders.  It is not to protect folks like Bundy or that other rancher in Texas. 

Russia joked on television about how they could just nuke America, no problem.  This is the truth.  America has NO strength or money to stand against Russia and their ally, China.  None.   I have been telling you all this for years and now it is happening regardless of what I have been saying.

The Democrat party has proven itself to be just as aggressive with police actions as the Republican party–neither can be trusted.  The days of the war-hawks are coming to and end.  It is THEY who ARE pushing us into the isolation they never wanted.

Click-Russia “Forced” To Launch Drill On Ukraine Border In Response To “NATO Build Up”, Will Involve Fighter Jets