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Mrs. Obama & Mr. Holder Cancelled Speeches @ Schools Today Because Americans Despise Them, Must Be Racism

Nobody likes the people involved in this administration at all.   They are despised.  All over the world, they are burned in effigy and protested.  And, here at home, even kids don’t want to see this gruesome twosome.  Wreckless, war-mongering, failed, race hustling filth, Eric Holder and his buddy, Obama’s  wife:  the angry, black, barbie bitch who goes off on vacation every other week on our dime.

An art collage from November 2013Click:  Eric Holder forced to cancel propaganda speech to Oklahoma graduating police cadets

After over 2,000 petition signatures by students, Michelle Obama has been forced to cancel her graduation speech in Topeka Unified School District 501:  Michelle Obama forced to cancel graduation speech in Topeka Kansas after uproar